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Setting Goals in the New Year

  Happy New Year! You do not have to wait for the New Year to set a goal. However, the first day of the year is an added motivational factor to many:  A new day, a new beginning, a new page in the chapter of your life. What are Goals? Goals are like magnets that attract us to a higher ground and new horizons.  They give our eyes a focus, our mind an aim, and our strength, a purpose. Without their pull, we would remain forever stationary, incapable of moving forward.. A goal is a possibility that fulfills a dream.    (Kennedy, S. Winning in Life. Bloomington, MN: Garborg’s, 1998.)     Do Goals Work? There is no magical trick in making goal setting to work. Studies show that goals can guide someone to do something. Goals help influence one's attitude and motivation to complete a task. The following are a list of  Goal Setting Principles (Source: NASM Effective Goal Setting) Set specific and measurable goals Set realistic but challenging goals Set both short and long term goals Focus
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Filipino New Year's Eve Traditions

  Happy New Year! Here are a few Filipino New Year's Eve traditions , folk beliefs or superstitions: For Good Fortune: Round things or shapes are a symbol of luck and good fortune. 1) Wear polka dots or clothing with circles or round shapes.  2) Put coins in the corners of your house 3) Fill your pockets with coins and money 4) Serve a variety of food and fruits that are round-shaped For Good Vibes 1) Clean/dust your home before ringing in the New Year 2) Open doors and windows and turn on the lights 3) Make a lot of noise to welcome the New Year: (You can bang on the pans and pots, or ring the bells) For Fun ( to grow taller and stronger) Jump as high as you can when the clock strikes 12. Enjoy your Media Noche ( New Year's Eve midnight dinner) with your loved one. Wishing you all peace, laughter, good health, joy and love in the New Year!

Sometimes we have to do nothing to do something

  Our mind and body have a way of informing us when we need a lazy weekend to do absolutely nothing, and it’s surprising to realize that:  Laziness and doing nothing regenerate your interest in doing something . The past couple of years, we have been reminded to Live your best life , Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it   and to Live your life like it’s your last .  The last one usually hits close to the heart, especially when you are at an age when your peers and loved ones face their own mortality. “Living your life like it’s your last ” paves the way for us to fill our short term goals with a list of activities that include our road to healthy living, travel adventures to instagram-worthy places , the many books to read, new skills to explore, and plethora of steps we take to experience the joys and challenges of life. However, what we seem to forget is to allot time to hit the brakes and do nothing. And I don't mean to travel miles to do nothing. I'm ta

FREE Live Stream Fitness Classes to Stay #HealthyAtHome During the Pandemic: A week in review

"Your expertise and professionalism is just the start. What keeps me committed every weekday 11+  weeks later is your commitment to us to keep us healthy and sane.  Your positive attitude and great laugh start my pandemic day right!"   ~ Local Mom, age 51 ** Local Mom has attended FREE Fitness Escape Classes for Advanced/Intermediate classes since Day 1. I'm so proud of your commitment - perfect attendance! Local Mom, thank you for being my workout buddy 5 days a week, for 11 weeks (and counting) .  Every day for 11 weeks now, I've been hosting 2 30-minute Live Stream Virtual Fitness Classes for Advanced/Intermediate and Beginner/Seniors.  On April 20,  we've partnered with PAFCOM-NJ and Horizon BCBSNJ to bring home fitness to a larger audience. Today marks the end of week 11. This week ( just like last week, and the weeks before) is emotionally overwhelming. We have feelings that are difficult to process, difficult to comprehend, difficult to expr

Why Wear Face Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The CDC guidelines on how to protect ourselves from Coronavirus (Covid-19) seem to evolve every month.  We are all learning how to stay healthy and help others to stay healthy. According to CDC's website , to protect ourselves and others we should  understand how it spreads,  wash our hands often, avoid close contact (social distance or stay at least 6 feet apart), cover coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect, monitor your health and wear fabric face masks .  Aside from social distancing and wearing face masks, the other guidelines are something we should have been abiding to stay healthy regardless of the pandemic. My 76 year-old mom, in order to stay busy during the pandemic, started sewing fabric facial masks. We got the pattern and fabric requirements from the CDC website. Ever since face masks were required when entering stores, my husband and I when we walk to town,  we put on our face masks when we encounter people on the street and when we go to the coffee/