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FREE Live Stream #StrongerTogether Fitness Escape

Let's get together to breathe, stretch, sweat (a little), get stronger and smile. Classes are FREE. This week's schedule: Monday - Sweat Tuesday - Strength Wednesday - Stretch Thursday - Strength Friday - Sweat Please do all that you can to stay safe and healthy, and reach out for help when you need it! You are not alone. We are all in this together. For details, follow Jen on instagram  GottaLoveMom and MindHabitBody .

Spring: A season of hope and new beginnings

It's been over 2 years since I last attempted to write. It's March 14, 2020 and here in America we are facing a new reality and I just want to remind everyone to try to think of happy thoughts. I was in panic mode the past few days, and I think I reached the  maximum capacity - my own anxiety inflection point.  (Although I  didn't bother going to the stores this week since I still have plenty  of supplies from last week) Today I decided to consciously make an effort on staying calm, and only  thinking happy thoughts. It will be an effort, but I believe it can be  done. Let's all continue to stay healthy and safe. Aside from the protocols from CDC, here are some reminders/suggestions to help calm these chaotic and confusing week:  Sleep at least 7 hours. Turn off your phone/electronics 2 hours  before you go to bed)  Exercise (walk outside if it’s possible). Get some sunshine! Look up  and admire the clouds or blue skies. Listen to the birds.  Stress managem