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Honor 9/11 : Where Were You On September 11, 2001? Remember. Reflect. Honor

Let us take a moment and say our prayers.  Let us not forget. Pray for the loved ones we lost and for those who were left behind. Remember that day and how we all came together, united. Remember today and let our hearts be filled with love to get through another year. Make today be a reminder to hold our loved ones tighter, to wake up and remember every line on their faces, to forgive, to pick up the phone and let them know how much we love them. So that my children and grandchildren will always remember... With all the stress this deportation had put me through, I didn’t realize I had a bigger responsibility of explaining the situation to my children. I took for granted that they probably felt bad, too, but before I read their letters, I didn’t realize how severe the situation was. In the meantime, my parents decided to move out of New Jersey until we got the help that we needed. They were scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on September 11, 2001. Sept

The Good Catholic Movie Review: Reasons Why You Should Watch The Movie, More Than Once

(with actor/producer Zachary Spicer, my friend Dawn and writer/director Paul Schoulberg) Are you looking for a movie with complex cinematic production, lavish scenic locations, supernatural heroes, explosive stunts, sci-fi twists and special effects? If you are, then the movie, " The Good Catholic " ,  is not what you're looking for. However, it is something you should reconsider, because it's a feel-good movie that will make you think, ponder and chuckle. You're probably thinking, "it's probably preachy since it's a Catholic movie." First of all, it's not preachy at all, and secondly, it is not a Catholic movie. In celebration of my birthday, my friend invited me to go see a movie. I suggested that we see " The Good Catholic " which was recommended by another friend of ours. It's playing until September 14th in  our town,  Cranford , which is known as the Center of the Universe. Today happened to be a special

Tone-It-Up Tour in New York with K&K and Jillian Michaels : What To Expect

NEW FRIENDSHIPS, LOTS OF HUGS, LOVE, INSPIRATION AND SWEAT Have you ever attended a fitness festival? I learned of FitFluencers Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn's (aka K&K)   Tone It Up Challenge through Self magazine's  newsletter. I signed-up for the challenge and did the suggested work-outs. The playfulness and youthful energy of the two cheerful fitness gurus reminded me of my daughter and nieces. A month ago, I found out that K&K are doing a fitness festival (Tone it Up Tour) in Brooklyn, New York (!!!) with celebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels (!!!!!!). In case you're from another fitness planet and you haven't heard of Jillian Michaels, she's best known as the intense personal trainer at the reality television show, "The Biggest Loser". Push-ups, squats, weight "lifting", downward dog and planks were all foreign to me until after my fourth child, FOUR, was born. I was approaching 40 when I started working-out, but I di

Makilala Television Talk Show is now on BronxNet: First Fil-Am program in 25-year history

BronxNet executives Michael Max Knobbe (right) and Bernardo Moronta welcome Makilala co-hosts Cristina DC Pastor and Jen Furer to the studio at Lehman College. By Cristina DC Pastor Makilala TV , the first Filipino American television talk show in the New York metropolitan area, is slated to debut on BronxNet TV on  September 7 . BronxNet becomes the third public access community network in NYC to broadcast Makilala. The cultural program, hosted by public health professional Rachelle Ocampo, author Jen Furer, and journalist Cristina DC Pastor, is an MNN production which is filmed every month out of Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s El Barrio Firehouse Community Center. Before coming to MNN, it was aired through Queens Public Television from 2013 after it was created by Maricor Fernandez and Pastor.  Right now, Makilala is “live to drive” on MNN, QPTV, and BronxNet. All three stations have a combined viewership of more than a million subscribers. Mak

Daily Game Plan: Fatherhood and the benefits of coloring

Kris Maszkiewicz is the founder of, a website where coloring fans can download for free, printable coloring pages such as cartoon characters, super heroes, celebrities, nature designs for children and adults. Kris is based in Poland and is enjoying fatherhood. GottaLoveMom had a chance to talk to him about fatherhood. What inspired you to create your website? I am a father of a little boy named Antoni. He appeared in my world a year ago and virtually turned my world upside down. Everybody is ready for it until it happens, right? The day Antoni was born I decided to use my new-found energy and enthusiasm to create a website where children around the world can download coloring pages for free. As a child, I loved coloring pages and I thought that it was a good idea to spread this activity for future generations. That’s why I put together the website,,  with classic coloring pages in a modern package: You can print the