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Be Cool Scooby-Doo! now on Cartoon Network. Watch the video and enter to win $100 Amazon gift card

Do you like watching Scooby-Doo? Now, you can watch your favorite team in an all new show,  Be Cool Scooby-Doo! airing on Cartoon Network in the US! While one of our favorite cartoons continues to provide entertainment for the whole family, the way our kids watch cartoons is certainly not the same. Now, they can watch videos, play games and download printable activities on   The Warner Bros Youtube Channel  makes it easy for our kids to watch their favorite mystery squad, on-demand, and from any device. And GUESS what? Scooby-Doo! is giving away a $100 gift card for Amazon, which makes it a great time to check it all out. Watch the video and enter for your chance today! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Planning for College: How to pay for college, scholarships, student loans and Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Having gone to school in the Philippines on an academic scholarship, the concept of student loans was alien to me. It wasn’t until I got married in the U.S. and had children that I learned having a student loan is no different from having a mortgage to a house. My husband took several years to pay off his loan, but he did.

PAYING IT FORWARD: Feed and send rural kids to school through ARK - Advancement for Rural Kids

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."  ~ Mother Teresa There is always something to be thankful for.  Count your blessings. Share. Give Back. Volunteer work is truly win-win.  It is done without the expectation of getting anything in return. A good deed brings joy to both the receiver and to the giver. We do these things out of love, to make a difference, which is a reward unto itself. One thing I do is volunteer for the Scholarship Program for  Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK). ARK is a registered non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  Its mission is to focus on  improving education and health of school age children (pre-K, elementary and high school)   living in impoverished rural communities in developing countries.  In short, ARK fuels kids and their dreams. ARK offers different ways for you and your friends to make an impact: $15 a year feeding program $5 a year school supp

"Love your country," a simple yet profound advice from 94 year-old Filipino World War II Veteran

Judge Rafael DePeralta, a 94 year-old Filipino World War II veteran was in his mid 20's when he was asked to enlist as a guerrilla fighter in the war. His father just died, his wife just had a baby but he didn't think twice before saying "yes". He just asked that he'd be given time to pay respects and grieve for his father.

Making TIME for a Happy Simple Life Now on Amazon!

This innovative 90 day journal guides you through 4 simple and empowering calls to action that will lead to a happy, simple life. As the days go by, the journal enables you to easily review the goals you set and the progress that you achieved.

WHERE ANGELS PLAY: a foundation to forever remember the 26 angels ofSandy Hook Elementary; a new song that touches our hearts to remind usthat “they’re more than okay, not far away, where angels play.”

"There are no words left to hear  But I’ll reach you, you’ll know I’m near  Go on hold on, go on let go  We’re worlds apart, but closer than you know  In my world, there’s nowhere, nowhere I can’t go In my world, there’s nothing, nothing I can’t do  I can climb up to the sky  Catch the stars like fireflies  Laugh and slide back down without touching the ground On wings of light  If you could just see my face in this magical place  I’m so much more than okay, not far away  Where angels play." That's the first verse of the newly released song, "Where Angels Play",  by written by Cheryl DaVeiga and Maria Adubato.

Making TIME for a Happy Simple Life

We all need an occasional break for sanity's sake.  There are benefits of making TIME for YOU.

Twilight Author, Stephenie Meyer at NY Comic-Con: "Life and Death", the demise of the "Midnight Sun" because of "Grey" and "Depressed and Suicidal" Edward Cullen

Stephenie Meyer, author of the vampire romance series, “Twilight” was at New York Comic-Con on Thursday. Most of the fans waited in line to see the author talk about the “Midnight Sun”, the unreleased novel that retells the Twilight story in the point of view of Edward Cullen. She said that there’s always something and that the book seemed to be cursed. First, the "raw" chapters were leaked. Then "Twilight" movie "changed the way she was seeing the characters" which she said was "uncomfortable for writing because she wasn't seeing the characters they way she had." But once she completed "Life and Death" she said she was "in a better place, she was happier in the whole world" which prompted her to "start back at the Midnight Sun" which got the fans excited.  Meyer said "Stop right there" as fans applauded and cheered. "Listen to the story" she continued to say,

Celebrating Childhood at the 2015 New York ComicCon

New York is the one place you can be whoever you want to be and no one will judge. And if people do judge, it's more of acknowledging WHO you are. This weekend New York ComicCon is at the Javits Center. Midtown Manhattan is treated to the most artistic, the geekiest, the funniest place to be. The first time I heard of the ComicCon was 2 years ago when my husband and I were in Maryland for one of my son's college tour visits. People of all ages were in full costume and attitude parallel to their animated characters.  As I walked through the Blue doors, thanks to MakilalaTV, I was initially overwhelmed at my playground for the day. I felt like I was part of a Marvel DC Comics movie. Surrounded  by Super Heroes, I didn't know which way to go first. As my daughter said, "You'll be in familiar environment. Instead of being silly and wacky at home, you can meet your new playmates!"

Another New York City Adventure: Philippine Gold at Asia Society, Gryffindor-like Dining and Protest at Columbia University

Once upon a time, not too long ago  - and in fact, just a few days ago - I hopped on a train to New York to meet with friends and explore. The day started with a luncheon at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. I met my fellow co-hosts at Makila, the first Filipino American Television Talk Show in the New York metropolitan area. We ate, talked, laughed and put together a robust plan of action for the next 6 months. This coming Saturday marks a new milestone for the Makilala Team. We will be taping for the first time at our new home, Manhattan Neighborhood Network's El Barrio Firehouse. I'm the lead-host for our two (2), yes, you read it correctly, not one (1) but two (2) upcoming episodes. The first one is   "The road to pre-colonial Filipino ancestry paved in gold" . I've heard so much about the gold exhibit at Asia Society that I needed to see it myself. With the urging of my friend, I took the MTA Bus (M4). It was my first time to take the bus! All

DC KIDS Giveaway, SuperHero Creator and NEW videos: Batman Unlimited, DC Super Friends, Lego and Scooby Doo!

Looking for costume ideas for New York Comic Con or for Halloween  or for videos you loved to watch as a kid? Or just have fun with your little ones (or the child in you) and create your ultimate superhero and a fun name, look, powers and more! Courtesy of DC Kids Super Hero Creator :

400-600 calorie recipe: Saga to save the Celery | Celery, what do we do with you?

Celery, What do we do with you?  by: Roz Furer After I put your leaves, and a stalk or two, in my Chicken Soup, the question is "what do I do with the rest of you?" A question I ask myself every time I buy celery  No, I cannot eat you raw, and I did not want to make chicken, tuna or egg salad. In reality, that would only use one more stalk of celery. So, I clean your stalks and put you in a jar filled with cold water, and put you in the refrigerator. After a few days, you are still there - looking limp and rejected. So, what do I do with you now? My solution to this dilemma...

First Day of School: Back to School Day!

Early morning, the sun shining, the birds chirping and the wind whispers as the  leaves dance to the rhythm. It's the first day of school. I don't know why but I was restless last night. I couldn't condition myself to sleep.  It's that transition from summer schedule that was difficult to adjust to. As I prepare the day's breakfast, I was reminded that "every  day is a milestone, every moment is a chance to make lasting memories."

Helping others surpass their goals and expectations

"It's not about the end goal. It's who you become by consistently pushing to the edge of your limits." - Robin Sharma Do you ever wonder why you stumble on new things?  Do you ever wonder why unsuspecting strangers cross your path? Do you ever wonder why your mind takes you to a direction you didn't think exist? I was walking to StarBucks to meet my husband when I noticed a sign...

Completed my first 16 Week IsaBody Challenge: Believe You Have A Purpose

My family is what matters most to me.  I’m 51 and a mother of 4 (ages 14 – 26). I wanted to be healthier, more active and stronger not just for me, but for the people I love.  I wanted to set an example for my family that we each possess the tools to master our wellness and vitality. I've always been petite except when I was pregnant ( when I gained an average of 50 pounds per pregnancy - 4 times!) Over the years I had tried various diet and exercise regimens, and I did enjoy a degree of success, but the results were not to the level I hoped for, and they were somewhat short lived.   Achieving stable, long-lasting results proved stubbornly elusive.    Then when I hit menopause everything became more difficult.    My body stopped cooperating altogether, and I was constantly grumpy. My waist and hips expanded and I found myself napping in the afternoons.    I started to accept the idea that there would be this new, less vibrant version of me. I just completed my P

Immigration and Family: Will my mom ever get to see my daughter walk down the aisle

Last year when my father passed away in the Philippines, I went home and took some time to visit the U.S. Embassy in Manila to ask what the options are for my mother to return to the U.S. The consul reminded me of the 10-year travel ban. That on or after November 8, 2015 — not earlier – or 10 years after my mom, was deported in 2005 for overstaying her visa, I can email the U.S. Embassy and inquire about my mother’s approved petition. I asked if I need to file another petition, and she informed me I didn’t have to. I asked if I could… and she stopped me and said to ask everything on or after November 8, 2015. This is where I am, and where my thoughts are drifting as I celebrate this month my 16th American birthday. I am counting the months, the weeks and the days. My daughter is getting married in January 2016 and I would love to have my entire family, especially my mother, to be here when that momentous occasion happens.

Is it Love or Lust?

Do you talk to your children about the birds and the bees? Why are we uncomfortable talking about something so natural and wonderful? Is there a double standard? Are parents more lenient with boys than girls? "Makilala," which means "get to know" in Tagalog, is the first Filipino American TV Talk Show in the NY Metro area.   The show is hosted by three dynamic women, namely book author Jen Furer, health care professional Rachelle Ocampo, and journalist Cristina DC Pastor. Director is artist Maricor Fernandez, who is a producer at Queens Public Television.    The above episode was on "Girlfriends: Secrets, Sex and Sleepovers" with featured guest, Jessy Daing of Jessy Couture.

“RAISING FIL-AM KIDS” - Fil-Am TV Talk Show Interviews Fil-Am Parents

New York, NY – Makilala TV, the first Filipino American TV Talk Show in the NY Metro area,  taped their newest episode on balancing the culture and nuances of Filipino parenting in america . This episode will air in September through Queens Public Television.

Summer - set aside time to celebrate life every day

"If you want to be happy, be! The world is but a canvas to our imaginations." - Henry David Thoreau Happy Monday! It was such a beautiful morning! Being outdoors, to feel the wind on your face, to see the peaceful beauty of the blue skies, to hear the happy tunes of the birds singing, to smell the sweet scent of the summer bloom and most of all to know that you're loved.

Finding Neverland on Broadway - Believe. Laugh. Live. Play.

" Life is too abrupt to take seriously." - J.M. Barrie, Finding Neverland Today started hectic - when is it not? I rushed to get the little guy ready for school and drove hubby to the train station.  I got my hair trimmed while my other son got his Cat Scan. Rushed home and made my son an IsaLean shake for breakfast before we both headed to NY - him to a convention at Javits Center and me? I was meeting my sister at Times Square. We got tickets to see Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer in "Finding Neverland".

New Videos from Warner Bros, including Batman Unlimited, DC Super Friends and Scooby-Doo and Raffle Give-Aways

Did you grow up watching Scooby-Doo and Batman?

Expert Fitness and Personal Training Franchise GYMGUYZ Opens First Location in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Expert Fitness and Personal Training Franchise GYMGUYZ Opens First Location in Brooklyn, N.Y. Mobile Fitness Brand Expands in Home State, Bringing Personal Training to More Neighborhoods

Career and Family - can we have it all? Is being a stay-at-home mom a sacrifice?

Can we have it all? What exactly “having it all” means? Is it a sacrifice to be a stay-at-home mom? Last month, in an interview with , I was asked, “What is your biggest personal sacrifice when you decided to be a stay-at-home mom?   Did you regret not having it all?” What exactly “having it all” means? My “all” is definitely not the same as another person’s “all”. Maybe mine sounds simple because my “all” is making sure that my family is together, happy, healthy and loved. So is it possible to have it all? Maybe you can eventually have all that you sought out to have – in the course of your lifetime, but to have it all in every moment of the day? There are only 24 hours in a day. If you’re fortunate, 7 hours are spent sleeping, which leaves 17 hours of awake time. Let’s say it takes about 1 hour to get yourself ready in the morning, and another hour to get ready for bed. So you’re left with 15 hours. 15 hours seem a lot but if y

Taking on the Isagenix Nutrition Rebalancing Challenge : Wellness - is it 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise?

 Close your eyes. Think of who you are. What do you see? Is there something you want to change? Is there something you want to improve? Is there something you need motivation with? Do you want to live a healthy, happy, simple life? Now, open your eyes. Choosing to be healthy is a lifestyle.   It’s not a momentary change in the way you treat your mind, body and soul. It’s a long time commitment - an investment. Spring is here and isn’t it time to focus on YOU? That’s what I learned when I decided to invest in my well being. I realized I need to make TIME: 1)    T - Thankful . Practice gratitude every morning. Say your prayers, take time to meditate to quiet your mind, or say five things you’re thankful for. I noticed that doing this every morning ( or through out the day) helps me focus on the positive. 2)    I – Imagine what want your day to be like. Setting short term goals make life more productive. Understand why do you do

To the American beside me who said it felt like a U2 concert, it’s only" Parokya ni Edgar", honey!

On my family’s first visit to the Philippines 10 years ago, my children had their first exposure to Original Pilipino Music (OPM) through the songs of Parokya ni Edgar. Their cousins introduced them to the distinct, story-telling style music of the four band members. Thus, my kids learned about the romantic courtship through “Harana,” and while they couldn’t understand what all the guffaw was about in “Please Don’t Touch My Birdie,” they danced up a storm with my Dad, their ‘lolo,’ in “Buloy.”

Short Kid Tall Kid : The Pains of Being Short . Does Height Matter?

My youngest (nicknamed FOUR) has been the shortest in his class - ever since Pre-K. I don't really notice how tall his peers are until I see them at school events. For years we've consulted with an endocrinologist, monitored his bone age, weight and height growth. Everything’s normal. He’s growing as God intended him to grow. My son, THREE, was the shortest in his class until his junior year in High School. He said that it might seem that height doesn’t matter, but for teenage boys – it does – especially when girls in your class are a lot taller than you.

Does Rogaine or Monoxidil really work for thinning hair? | How to regrow your hair

Menopause is a gift that keeps on giving. I was noticing a lot of hair on the carpet. I brought it up years ago but I was told that  we lose about 100 strands of hair every day - so there's nothing to worry about. Until one day while browsing through photographs from one of my book signing events, I noticed I have bald spots. Panic. Frustration. My husband suggested that I use Rogaine for Women ( with 5% Monoxidil). And as usual, my reaction was "I don't want to put anything that's not natural." and I got more upset when I read that one of the side effects is "weight gain".

Saying NO to Yoga Pants?

There are two reasons why I shouldn't wear worn-out work-out clothes the entire day. Fitness In the winter time, I love to wear my yoga pants or work-out clothes because they're comfortable. It didn't matter if I got to work out that morning. However, I noticed that I don't realize how much weight I gain around the waist until around Spring time when I try to fit into my jeans. Marriage (as posted on March 2012: Marriage is a contract) A marriage proposal is indeed an intention to live as one, and once you say your "I do's", you promise to love and honor all the days of your lives - and as my husband says, to continue to physically take care of yourself -- just like when you started dating.  

Lessons Learned from the Wedding Wire Professionals: The Experience: Dreams, Determination, Hard Work and Team Work

 “Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.”   - Malcom Galdwell, Outliers: The Story of Success At the March 7 Makilala TV taping of the episode on "Filipino American Wedding Trends and Tradition", my co-hosts and I had the pleasure of meeting three young and successful entrepreneurs: ·          Ivie Joy of Ivie Joy Floral Arts and Events ·          Glenn Maningas of MPW Media Group ·          Amable Yalong of Events by Amable Key Music Group and Y2 Collection (luxury clothing for men) The trio, who has been working as a team since 2009, are consistent Wedding Wire Bridal Choice awardees. We learned that to win the Wedding Wire Awards for five consecutive years means that your business has to be in the top 5 percent of wedding service providers in the country. Staying humble and down-to-earth, these three design professionals consistently earned positiv

Behind the Chair: Conversations with my Hair Stylist

 “Can you fix me?  I’ve got 90 minutes.” For almost 20 years now, my family and I have been going to the same hair stylist, Pat.   And I must say I look forward to her inspirational stories behind the chair.  The life stories shared in her salon were so interesting that 10 years ago we drafted our book collaboration, "Behind the Chair." However, my life was faced with tragedy and drama and as a result "Behind the Chair" was put on hold. The conversations we had ranged from trivial to profound and covered an array of emotions: laughter, tears, joy, frustration and disappointments. My monthly hair appointments were something I looked forward to. There were times I'd walk into her salon feeling awful and uninspired but after 90 minutes of getting my hair done, I'd leave feeling confident, loved and ready to rule the world - and it wasn't about my hair! I’d whine about looking “ugly” (because I have issues) and in 10 minutes, s