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Watercolor in the sky

It's tough to define what beauty is but everyone knows exactly what it is when he/she sees it! It was a hot summer day (finally! ) and then at around 6pm rain and lightning had a ball! And then an hour later, the rain and lightning stopped ... The whole neighborhood turned purplish! So I stopped packing and honey grabbed the camera... It's like SOMEONE up there is playing with water colors! We all rushed outside and took a quick walk to enjoy the Picasso-like masterpiece in the sky. It felt like we were in the twilight zone but it was the most gorgeous sunset we've ever witnessed :) A miracle, a blessing...worth pausing for!

We did it!

The night the kids will always remember.. My two boys did a great job! My 13yo overcame the bullying of the kids and my 17yo overcame all the tough tragedies that he faced while in High School. Congratulations to Mr. Magoo I and Mr. Magoo II! In the beginning of the High School graduation ceremony... Congratulations, Mr. Magoo I!! You did it! We're all proud of you... We are lucky to have a wonderful (and colorful) family... ..having fun... ..despite the ominous clouds... Graduating class of 2009... Oh...Downpour! Lovely day.. My son and his special someone... She flew all the way from San Diego, CA! Our littlest Mr. Magoo - came prepared for the rain with his booksox! Happy 46th Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa! This year's super-special since Dad survived his heart attack this winter! We're looking forward to our week-long get-away with them; I should be packing right now! We got soaked, but it was wo

Traditions, celebrations and other fun stuff!

What do you see? Can you see the red dot? Was that the first thing that you noticed? Can you see the olive green border? Was that the second thing that you noticed? Did you think of the white background at all? Don’t people do the same thing in looking at their lives? Sometimes people focus on that one spot – that one flaw in their lives that they forget to see the whole picture. As I’m currently going through some tough times, I have to remind myself that my life is one big white canvas. Sometimes there is that one thing that might get me out of focused or out of “zen”. I just have to remember that as a whole, I am still blessed and fortunate. The olive border represents my faith and the love of families and friends that keep me together intact and help contain that one red spot! This week is a reminder that we have to be thankful for the love of our families and friends! “All major traditions carry basically the same message that is love, compassion and forgiveness. Th

Dites-moi, Porquoi La vie est belle in NYC

My 8yo has an audition in NYC today. He loves the adventure of taking the train, talking endlessly, munching on Skittles and just being a kid! I love heading to NYC because it takes my mind off some serious stuff ... My 8yo rehearsed the song for a few days. (Good thing there’s YouTube!) (He auditioned for a part in Broadway's South Pacific) Dites-moi Pourquoi La vie est belle, Dies-moi Pourquoi La vie est gai, Dites-moi Pourquoi, Chere Mad'moiselle, Est-ce que Parce que Vous m'aimez? Dites-moi Pourquoi, Chere Mad'moiselle, Est-ce que Parce que Vous m'aimez? Tell me why, oh why, my life is beautiful. Tell me why, oh why, my life is gay. Tell me why, oh why, my life is wonderful. Could it be, possibly, you love me? If you’ve been following for me a while, you know that my little guy, my fourth child, gives me so much to write about – so much fun stuff! (That's one brave pigeon! She just walked by us and didn't care about the

zenwalk with me...

"Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live." Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the serenity. Notice the history. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Notice the unfamiliar. Notice the familiar. Notice the ordinary. Notice the extraordinary. Notice the life around you. Notice the beauty of nature. Notice the bumble bee. Notice the little things. Notice the children and the smiling faces. Today's photographs were taken on my zenwalk with my bestfriend, my husband. This week marks my 15th week of zenwalk. As we walked to our neighboring town, Watchung Reservation , I noticed that there's so much to be thankful for in spite of life's twists and turns. The scene where an old couple were sitting on the bench totally drew my attention. They were holding hands and sleeping quietly ( until dh walked over there thinking they were sculptures). I asked their permission to t

I must be dreaming…

As I take these few days to reflect, Mixed emotions come over me. Happiness for the love of my family, Sadness for the hatred of the few, Guilt for those who can't enjoy the abundance, Hope for the new beginnings and second chances. There's beauty in this world, There's love in everyone, There's forgiveness for every remorse, There's compassion for every sorrow. Thankful, I am every day. Frustrations push me to try harder. I cry, I weep, and of course I do. Faith and Love keep me smiling. Follow the road that makes you happy, Follow the footsteps that guide you to your dreams, There's nothing you can't do Your life is yours and yours to fight for. I believe the sun rises in the morning - to remind us of a new day ahead of us; I believe the sun sets at night - to pause for the day and contemplate; I believe we have the power - to be what we aim to be; I believe in YOU and ME. The world does not stop just because you’re not ready

Life's surprises, awards and some good-byes...

Last night was one of those nights that reminded me that life is full of challenges There are incidents in my life that I wish didn’t happen, but I can’t change time and undo the wrong paths we’ve taken; Sometimes there seems to be crosses that I have to bear. At times I question, why us, why them, why me? Can I blame all that to a greedy lawyer that took hundreds of thousands of dollars, or can the blame be on us for trusting those who gave us false hopes? Back then, we weren’t google-ing for information that would have prevented such tragedy in our lives. Life is unfair sometimes… or is it – life is what we made it to be. I'm definitely stressed out when I woke up because I ate 3 cupcakes, half of the blueberry pound cake, portabella and goat cheese panini and banana bread (compliments of my daughter's bf's bakery). I lost my zen last night that prompted my 8yo to ask questions he wouldn't understand the answers for. When he was asked, "What are