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Do you have time to play?

This weekend, I got a reminder that we have to let kids be kids because before we know it, they would no longer be Peter Pan. So when my youngest asked me while I was editing and revising my book, I couldn’t help but put my work on hold and attend to my first real job – being a mom! “Mom, do you have time to play Wii Just Dance?” asked my 10yo as he touched my shoulders with his cherub-like fingers and pressed his soft velvety skin against mine. Who can deny such cuteness? Needless to say, I got up and went down to the den to play a few “Wii Just Dance”. I, too, was a kid at that moment. We laughed as my scores were getting higher than my 10yo. “It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun….NOT!” he chuckled. And we laughed and decided to switch remote controls to see if the sensors were flawed. And sure enough, this time, he beat me! My legs reminded me that I was 46 and not 10. We took a break while he got me a glass of ice cold water. That

NOW is the only time you ever have... Go outside, you'll be happier

As parents, we do what we think is best – and hope that our children will grow up happy for who they are. With four children, my husband and I deal with four different personalities. Each one has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. As parents, we try to recognize and nurture their interests and talents. There are tasks that we don’t get to attend to, tasks that we love to put off until the last minute -- which leads to panic and anxiety. All my children have various interests. They lead a hectic schedule, but school still remains a priority. So when homeworks and projects are put off until the last hour, there’s always chaos in our household. There’s one phrase that we keep reminding our children: NOW is the only time you ever have. So do it now, don’t put it off. Later is not something you have the luxury of And yesterday had already gone. NOW is the only time you ever possess – so complete your task today, not in 5 minutes – but NOW! Winter had been re

Sky Blue and some quality time

busy daily routines have put a toll on the quality of our lives, by choice and with consequences. that’s why every opportunity we have to retreat and bond, gives us that gift that we wish we can unwrap every day of our lives. every thing seems to revolve around the goal - do well in school or work, make a difference in someone's life, excel in the things you want to do, be involved. all those are embraced, but there comes a moment in our lives that getting away from all that - is good for our body, mind, heart and soul. and there is no better place to recharge than be on the mountains, where the skies are blue, and nature surrounds you. to be happy, calm, quiet, relaxed, renewed. as we head back to our daily routine to do what we need to do. just remember that once in a while, we do need to step back in order to move forward. enjoy the clear blue skies because it brings peace

Dance Your Way to Healthy as a Family and enter the Family Dance off contest. Grand prize of $5K and a $30K donation to your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital

Dance Your Way to Healthy as a Family Submitted by Kathleen Thomas on behalf of Primrose Educational Preschools Dance can be a fun, easy way to introduce physical activity into a child's life. As a provider of educational child care , Primrose Schools has recognized and is actively fighting against the childhood obesity epidemic. Childhood obesity is a critical issue for young children in America. The Family Dance-off supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children's hospitals, which collectively treat 17 million children annually for every illness and injury imaginable. Through their annual Family Dance-off event, families are encouraged to record and submit a 30 second video of themselves dancing to promote fitness and strengthen family ties. Participating in the Family Dance-off is easy: 1. Record a 30-second video of your family's best dance moves. Don't be afraid to let loose and b

7 days in winter – that’s all it takes to recharge, reflect and reconnect.

Winter break for my family means a week at Smugglers’ Notch Vermont I still remember the first week we were here at Smuggs. It was the blizzard of 1996. It was dubbed the blizzard of the century – a severe nor’easter that paralyzed Vermont and other neighboring states. We packed rented skis because we didn’t know that Smuggs had their own rental facilities – and discounted! We brought our bulky and heavy IBM desktop computer. (My husband and I worked in the I.T. Department). Needless to say, I over packed the first time we decided to go to Smuggs. The drive to VT was the scariest we had as a family. Thank God we had the Ford Expedition back then. I could still visualize the icicles that formed on my SUV’s antennae and how frozen the windshield wipers were. But it was an adventure! The oldest was just 7 years old, the 2nd was just 5 years old and the youngest then, our 3rd child, was just 16 months old. We thought we would never come back. What a horrible weather we had