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Silent. Listen.

Last Thursday was open house (our school calls it Back to School Night) for the elementary classes.  My son has the great fortune of having the same wonderful third grade teacher that my daughter had.  As I sit there listening to her presentation and marveling at the Smart Board, I noticed a poster above the front bulletin board.  It read: I consider myself to be erudite and wise, but this fact never occurred to me!  Looking beyond the facts, this statement infers so much more. It is so powerful and relevant. Lately, it seems like there is much talking, very little listening. Listening is a very important skill that everyone should master.  It is through listening that we learn, that we show interest, and demonstrate that we care.

Renewed inspiration and inner peace at Global Mala NJ 2012

“Peace begins with a smile. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”  ~ Mother Theresa   I believe that every time you share a part of yourself to someone, be it as small of a gesture like a smile, you are extending your love. LOVE is what living is all about, and Sunday’s Global Mala NJ in Newark was all about love.

A father’s letter to his son on his birthday on making mistakes, facing fears and seizing the day

There's a unique bond that mothers have with their children, and fathers with their sons and daughters. Each parent plays a different role. Society gives more credit to mothers when it comes to raising a child. However, a father plays a very important role, too. My son once said, “There simply are no words to describe the role and importance of a dad.   NO dictionary will tell you the real meaning of the word, DAD.   However, one strong word could summarize a dad, LOVE.   This power exceeds any other,   This bond is unbreakable,   NO tragedy can move it,   NO earthquake waver it.   It is the strongest thing in the universe.” I’m sure most fathers turn sentimental when theirs sons celebrate another milestone in their lives.   Last week, our third child celebrated his 17th birthday, and my husband wrote him something that I thought was worth sharing. ( Permission granted) As you begin your 18 th  year, you have crossed into the young-a