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The gift of love

Four kids. Four personalities. One goal – live a HAPPY life. In today’s world when we seem to be always in a hurry, we have to step back and say,     “Why are we always in a rush?” And when we want to be the best, we seem to wait until something is perfect, but why? In focusing on a goal, why fear disappointments? Don't fear disappointments too much, you'll just end up downgrading your goals. You’ll never be satisfied with your achievements because they won’t be substantial enough. So why fear disappointments? Just try to do your best, and forget the rest! Dream BIG and keep smiling! Here’s a little montage of pictures with my son’s poem for his grandma. Just for you to remember that you are one special person! (If you’re interested in ordering this 5x7 picture book, please email me at As I was taking a run,   I noticed that all of the leaves on the trees I passed had started to wither and fall.   I assumed this to