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Be fit and make a difference, support me in the American Red Cross Resolutions - Treadmill 10K

I’d rather be running on the rooftop of my brother’s house in Manila. Last summer, I got up at 5am, and ran for an hour – as the sun rises! (It was just really calming- it’s like yoga-like!) But it’s winter in New Jersey – so there’s no waking up at 5 in the morning to even go outside for a walk! We’ve had a snow storm almost every week since Christmas – and because my Filipino bones aren’t accustomed to the cold weather, I haven’t had a chance to run outside. This week is the Red Cross Treadmill 10K. I figured, it will also kick-off my training for my first half marathon. So I’ll get my running shoes and head to the community center’s gym! I plan on running at least 7 miles today. (which means no Power 90 work-out for me today!) I was telling my husband, how tough can a half marathon be? I was able to do 6 miles with no problem, do I really have to train for the half marathon? Can I just wing it and show up on the day of the race? His answer: “ Yes you

New York City in the eyes of a nine year-old

My little guy loves going to the City. So for this day's trip, I let him click-away with the digital camera.    We hop on to the train from New Jersey, and as we pass by the different towns before we hit New York, My little guy enjoys looking through the windows... and observing what's out there.. He is amazed on how there are plenty of backyards with swimming pools, snow covered, buildings, trees, more houses, and more trees. But as soon as we hit the City, the landscape changes. My little guy knows that I love to live in the City. and walk by Times Square, to just see the lights change. So as we are near our destination, the Nickelodeon Studio at Viacom, my little guy and I know that there will be more days like this. (Inside Nickelodeon studio) Just like the song he was singing as we walk the streets of NYC,     "Don't stop believin

Time: it’s either too fast or too slow, but when it's just right, it's precious!

"A smile remains the most inexpensive gift I can bestow on anyone and yet its powers can vanquish kingdoms." — Og Mandino Time, it’s either too fast or too slow, but when it’s just right, it’s just precious! My 3 older ones are mostly on their own busy doing what they enjoy doing. Most of the times, I'm not even privy on their plans for the day or night. Luckily for me, my littlest crumbcatcher is still a single-digit little guy ( well, not for long…) who still needs me! This week I got my fixed: being in the City with my little guy who doesn’t mind walking in the freezing cold, hand-in-hand in the streets of Manhattan - and it's doesn't bother him whether it's 2 blocks or 10 blocks! We headed to two different casting studios – a great excuse to bond with the little guy! As I watched him interact with adults I just can’t help smile and thank G-d for giving me the most precious gift: my children and their smiles. Sometimes,

Special Broadway Performance of "Driving Miss Daisy" to benefit the Actors Fund

(Photo credit: Driving Miss Daisy ) Performing Arts is dear to our family, therefore, when the Actors Fund asked me to write about a Special Performance of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic “ Driving Miss Daisy” with benefits going to the Actors Fund , I didn’t hesitate to spread the news. The Actors Fund is a human services organization that provides aid to people working in performing arts and entertainment. On Monday, February 7th at 8pm, the Broadway Company of “Driving Miss Daisy” will perform a benefit performance where proceeds will go to benefit the Actors Fund. Watch as James Earl Jones, Vanessa Redgrave and Boyd Gaines bring the stage to life in this timeless American play about the decades-long relationship between a stubborn Southern matriarch and her compassionate chauffeur. You can purchase your tickets today by visiting You can also find out more information about The Actors Fund and Driving Miss Daisy by visiting the

LOVE is what matters the most...and the freedom that goes with it!

Home is a constant place that continues to shine; Its lights remain lit day and night; Recent tragedies in Arizona make one wonder, “What is happening to the world that we live in?” (Click HERE for the news update.) And all I can pray for is LOVE. To remind our kids that LOVE is what matters the most. Without LOVE our lives are bankrupt – empty! Without LOVE, there will be no laughter. And children have a way of reminding us of what matters the most! I have 4 children – 21, 19, 15 and 9. The older ones are barely home. Every time they leave the house, I a lways s ay a p rayer (asap) (thanks Ate M.)   . But sometimes, our prayers seem like they are not being heard because tragedies, accidents do happen. All I can do is pray for strength and understanding – reminding myself that there is always a reason for everything. We sometimes don’t understand why and for what purpose, but our lives are part of a bigger plan, a bigger purpose. (Believe me

Is it really just a haircut? Do I go short or do I keep it long – hairstyle 2011?

My husband has known me only with long, straight, dark brown/black hair style. Once in a while I change my hair style: Cut with layers, side-swept bangs, parted on the right, the left or the middle – but always shoulder length, if not longer. Whenever I can, I tie my hair in a pony tail (which my husband dislikes) , and once in a while in pig tails. But the past few weeks, the thought of having a pixie hair cut or a really short hair style had been occupying my busy mind. (Especially after seeing Carey Mulligan at Wall Street Never Sleeps.) I know that my head is a lot bigger and my face a lot wider, but a short hair cut is appealing – less time to dry and style.  The last time I had my hair really short was 27 years ago when I was 20 years old and 15 pounds lighter. When I was 40, I had it really long. I figured before I turn 50 in a little over 3 years, I might as well try a new hair style that’s totally drastic because after that, as my husband would say,

Still shaky, skidded in snow, but so blessed my guardian angels are looking after me!

"Never again wonder, what to be thankful for..."   - Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life It’s yet another snowy day in New Jersey. Beautiful, yes but dangerous! In line with my goal for this month is to get back on schedule. I got up around 4am to get my 15yo ready for his Model United Nations conference. (Thankful that our neighbor offered to drive him to school by 5:30am ) I got my 9yo ready for school and I'm thankful that my other neighbor offered to drive him to school. I then drove my husband to the train station to Manhattan. I decided to stop by the Community Center and decided to run a fast 5K on the treadmill. I was 1 mile short because I was so sweaty and hot. (Note to self: dress lightly next time) While cooling down inside the car, I read Day 14’s chapter of Rick Warren's the “Purpose Driven Life” book. I felt really good because it just reminded me that there is always something to be thankful for no matter how awful yo

SPICE-up a young child's development: social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional

Children are the precious gems of a family. When they’re young and innocent, they are like sponges that willingly and quickly absorb any knowledge and emotion. That’s why at an early age, we encourage our children to read, be creative, be happy and feed their curiosity. With all the technology and instant gratification that children get from playing video or computer games, asking a child to read a good book has been a challenge for some parents .     “Your children are not your children.       They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.       They come through you but not from you,       And though they are with you, and yet they belong not to you.       You may give them your love but not your thoughts,        For they have their own thoughts.        You may house their bodies but not their souls,        For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,        which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.” -                     Kahlil Gibr