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Happy Thanksgiving

Just wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and cherish every moment. Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!

If you have the time ALL for YOURSELF, what will you do?

Have you ever heard of the song, “Que sera sera?” When I was just a little girl, I used to sing this song a lot! This probably was the first song I sang! So this week, as I went trick or treating with my 8yo, who is now sick with swine flu,  the view of our block reminded me of something I’ve always dreamed of… I just love nature! I would love to just capture its beauty or its rage with paintbrush! ' So as the song goes,           When I was just a little girl            I asked my mother, what will I be            Will I be pretty, will I be rich            Here's what she said to me.             Que Sera, Sera,             Whatever will be, will be             The future's not ours, to see             Que Sera, Sera              What will be, will be. So this week, my question to you is: “If you have one week or one moment to do whatever you want – for YOU,   Not for your kids, not for your husband or for your family   BUT for YO