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Sometimes we have to do nothing to do something

  Our mind and body have a way of informing us when we need a lazy weekend to do absolutely nothing, and it’s surprising to realize that:  Laziness and doing nothing regenerate your interest in doing something . The past couple of years, we have been reminded to Live your best life , Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it   and to Live your life like it’s your last .  The last one usually hits close to the heart, especially when you are at an age when your peers and loved ones face their own mortality. “Living your life like it’s your last ” paves the way for us to fill our short term goals with a list of activities that include our road to healthy living, travel adventures to instagram-worthy places , the many books to read, new skills to explore, and plethora of steps we take to experience the joys and challenges of life. However, what we seem to forget is to allot time to hit the brakes and do nothing. And I don't mean to travel miles to do nothing. I'm ta