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Encourage Kids to Help Others: How to Donate To Hurricane Harvey Victims

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan Hurricane Harvey  has devastated the lives of the residents of Texas.  As New York Times reported,  "Waters Still Rising ,  with Death Toll at 30, Storms Makes 2nd Landfall." . So far, Hurricane Harvey has  "set a new record for Tropical Strom Rainfall - 52 inches and counting"  . In 2013, when Super Storm Yolanda hit the Philippines , my youngest son and his friends rallied our community of friends and families to donate. For 3 weeks, they did an amazing job distributing the flyers and unloading the donations that were dropped off. They were all eager to help. Our children want to help, and we should try to encourage them. Here are options to help: 1) Collect loose change.      Some banks have counting machines or you can wrap the coins in wrappers (available at banks).  Donate the total amount to the charity organization of your choice or us