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don’t wait for tomorrow..

we can only be better the next day, but why wait? why not be what makes you happy ...NOW? why wait for the final moment of perfection when as Voltaire said,“perfect is the enemy of the good?” be who you want to be NOW – not tomorrow, but NOW. go hop on the plane, go sailing. go dance in the rain, go soaring. dream BIG now..and keep smiling!

Join the August Challenge: Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred

This was me at 40. (Thanks to P90) I’m at a stage in my life where my muffin tops don’t bother me that much, but what bothers me is that my arms, thighs and legs are being attacked by fat cells ~ cellulite. It’s pretty bad depending on how the sun hits my skin. And the mirrors at home are unforgiving, too…and they all decided to congregate in my body without advance warning. It sounds so vain, but my family also has a history of heart problems. Heart attacks and surgeries at a young age (40 something). It could be the yummy fried Filipino foods or just genetics. I’m a writer (well, hoping to get my first book published this year and love to talk to my family and friends in the Philippines through FaceBook and Yahoo Instant Messenger) which means I’m on the computer a lot --- so gaining weight is an occupational hazard! Recently, it seems like I don’t have enough energy, clothes don’t fit, and my body’s not as toned as it used to be. Granted I started with size

give a fish or teach to fish?

There are situations where one just needs a little help from someone else – just to get by. I was born and raised in the Philippines . I had seen poor conditions and wished every one has a chance to be better.   In 2005, I returned to the Philippines , after being away for 21 years. With that visit, I was encouraged to help make a difference. The kids and I, together with my cousin, developed a small organization (SISBA) that helps the impoverished children in the Philippines – my home country. The mission is to encourage young children here in the US to put aside – as little as a quarter a day – to help with the child’s education. The scholarship fund helps with transportation and school supplies. In return, once in a few months, we ask the scholars and their mothers to update us with the child’s academic achievements. Mothers play an essential role since they are the ones responsible in motivating their children to continue school, and do well in school. We in

when i leave this universe, i hope you remember me as…

someone who loves life. someone who complains and then laughs.  someone who does not mind getting lost. someone who cries when you’re hurt – and showers you with hugs to ease the pain.  someone who dreams…and dreams BIG (Believes In God). someone who falls so many times – and chooses to stand strong.  someone who loves you – no matter what. someone who believes that anyone can make a difference. someone who sees you for who you are – and what you can become. and when one day when i can’t remember why, or when i can’t see clearly,  or when my feet stop jumping, or when my mind forgets, or when my ears hear selectively, i hope you're there to make me smile. i hope you’re there to remind me that somehow... hope survives. (dedicated to my four crumbcatchers)

Dream big and keep smiling!

Not perfect at all…just living my life, and when it comes to marriage, I just happened to find someone … My little guy recently told me, “Mom, do you know that every day is a day closer to our death?” Well, my child, logically that’s right. I guess that’s another way of looking at life. And as William Wallace in Brave Heart said, “Every man dies, not every man really lives.” And my life is spent with people I truly care about. So here are a few rules that my husband and I have: 1)       Agree that all disputes can be resolved. 2)       Resolve all disputes before going to bed no matter how long it takes; 3)       No running away or storming out or sleeping on the couch; 4)       No personal attacks during a fight i.e. “you don’t care about me!”, “you’re stupid!”, “you can never understand”, etc… BUT criticisms about specific actions or behavior are okay. 5)       Always agree on issues relating to children before discussing them with the children;

Is GMAIL invading my privacy?

Is GMAIL invading my privacy? Did you ever notice the kind of advertising that pops next to your gmail messages? At first I said,    “WOW! Google is so smart! It figures out what appeals to me based on my email.”    “It even knows the group of people I email constantly!” And then after a minute or two, my amazement was transformed to fear! Does it mean that my messages are being scanned and read for contents? Hmm….