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My Week in Exercise: Yoga and Walking #HealthyAndStronger

Emotional – that’s what this week was about. Last year was a tough year, health-wise. Debilitating symptoms kept surfacing one after another. So even though this week was an emotional week, I pushed myself to practice gratitude for getting past a challenging year, and for my angels in heaven watching over me. Six weeks ago, the beloved groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow which meant winter would last until this week, and boy was he accurate! We “lost” an hour, or as my ever-optimistic partner would rather say, “we gained an hour of sunlight”, because of Daylight Savings Time - which was probably the reason why I found myself napping. This week was all about yoga and walking. Saturday THREE came home to visit so we were up late the night before. I also didn’t get any sleep because my digestive system was in chaos probably because I was stubborn - I had some peanut butter pretzels and I have food sensitivity to peanuts. So today there was no

My Week in Exercise: Getting in Shape Just By Walking #HealthyandStronger

My Week In Exercise #HappyandStrongerEveryDay This week was not as strength-building as I planned mainly because I was distracted, I didn’t get enough sleep and social media work-and-fun time took over my free time. However, according to my log, I logged in an hour more than last week’s. This week is about “doing what tickles your heart”. Saturday Today as live-to-drive day at work which meant I spent 10 hours in New York. I was up before 5 in the morning to get ready for the day and by the time I got home I was exhausted. Good thing I had this challenge, otherwise, I would have skipped the scheduled 30-minute isometric contraction exercises that focused on instability stretch exercises which consisted of planks, leg extension, and isometric yoga poses. Sunday Another early day. I would have loved to sleep through the day but my son and I attended the 7:30 AM church services. It was another chilly afternoon so Honey and I bundled up and did your regular zenwa

16 Surprising Benefits of Playing Sports

By Koshial Robinson Most people like participate in sports.  It is an activity which is fun and enjoyable for almost every individual. In addition to enjoyment, it also helps freshen up one's mind.  There are numerous surprising benefits of playing sports: Playing sports help people to learn discipline and mutual respect.  Playing any sports guide a person to work in a team. As a player he/she learns to obey the commands and as a captain, he/she learns to lead the team members.  Normally, every muscle is used while playing sports which promote good health. About the contributor:  Koshial Johnson is the founder of, , a blog about skating tips, skateboard guide, product reviews, news, equipment and events.    

My Week In Exercise #HealthyAndStronger

My Week In Exercise #HappyandStrongerEveryDay@53 Last year, I spent 6 months being sick that I told myself, "never again will I waste a beautiful day." However, the flu had taken over my household for 4 weeks and last week was the first week that I felt sort of “back to normal.” These past 7 days reminded me (again) that everything takes time. I'll be sharing my daily exercises to hold myself accountable. If you want to join me in this journey, feel free to give me a nudge on instagram. Saturday I had an early phone conference. I woke up with no major headache or pains so I was determined to get my body moving. It took a while to get set-up and to determine what exercise to do, so I did   what worked for me in the past: Tony Horton’s 30 minute P90x3 Classic: Day1: Total Synergistics - a full body resistance workout which includes variations of push-ups, plank exercises,   side-arm balance, crescent chair, weighted squats, core exercises and pull-ups (w