My Week in Exercise: Yoga and Walking #HealthyAndStronger

Friday, March 16, 2018

Emotional – that’s what this week was about.

Last year was a tough year, health-wise. Debilitating symptoms kept surfacing one after another. So even though this week was an emotional week, I pushed myself to practice gratitude for getting past a challenging year, and for my angels in heaven watching over me.

Six weeks ago, the beloved groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow which meant winter would last until this week, and boy was he accurate!

We “lost” an hour, or as my ever-optimistic partner would rather say, “we gained an hour of sunlight”, because of Daylight Savings Time - which was probably the reason why I found myself napping.

This week was all about yoga and walking.


THREE came home to visit so we were up late the night before. I also didn’t get any sleep because my digestive system was in chaos probably because I was stubborn - I had some peanut butter pretzels and I have food sensitivity to peanuts.

So today there was no energy for exercise.


My sister-in-law took me to her gym, Equinox, at Upper East Side. We took the “Best Butt Ever” class at 11:30 AM, considering we had a fun time the night before, I was surprised I made it through the class which included a lot of squats, bands, steps, weights, and gliding discs. Taking a class truly has its benefits because I tend to push myself more - and acording to my sister-in-law, I had a wide range of motion!


I squeezed in 30 minutes of P90x3 Yoga and my usual 2-mile walk to Starbucks with Honey.


Today was an emotional day, a reminder that it’s not good to bottle up emotions.

I finally did something I was putting off for 2 years. It felt good and scary at the same time but I was glad I finally did it. As my daughter said, “no matter what, I’m proud you’re finally going.” (hint: Out of Status)

Today I practiced with Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown, ran 3 miles around the lake (Check out my Instagrampost), and stretched for 10 minutes.


Honey and I did our usual zenwalk to Starbucks, and before dinner I practiced 30 minutes of  Grounding YogaFlow with Briohny Smyth - 7 Days of Gratitude.

I wasn’t in the mood, maybe because this cold weather just wanted to linger forever - so after our usual zenwalk to Starbucks, I locked myself in my office and danced freestyle for 15 minutes. Sometimes, I just had to feel like a 10-year-old girl.

Another cold day so on our usual zenwalk to Starbucks, I wore my ski outfit. The wind was just brutal!

I managed to squeeze in a 20-minute Centering Yoga Flow with Calvin Corzine - 7 Days of Gratitude and 10 minutes of #ShapeButt30 workout.

Next week, my goal is to do 7 days of P90x workouts.
Have a great week everyone!


Indoors: 2hrs 30mins
Classes: 45 minutes
Outdoors: 3hrs 45mins
TOTAL: 6hrs 42mins

Be happy.  


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  1. Doing yoga exercises before going walking is a great idea - yoga sets the muscles for a workout and walking gives you just that - you get the best of both routines.

    When you exercise regularly you can treat yourself to wonderful food without feeling guilty.

    I stretch in the morning and walk outside every few hours - sometime in the morning and sometime in the evening - to keep me fit.

  2. What is, in general, the most suitable exercise for you? Yoga or walking?

  3. Yoga is the thing that I would like to go in for. I have no experience of doig it. Your experience encouraged me.

  4. Yoga and walking will help you to get a lot of benefits for your body and buy a good figure without a particularly grueling workout.


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