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My Daily Game Plan: Natasha Reilly, Artist, Writer and Founder of CreativeNachos

"There is something amazing about sharing stories. The ability to truly see another human being inside their story or to see their imagination at work is the greatest honor. " - Natasha Reilly, Artist, Writer, Founder of What’s your morning routine? David Bowie’s song, Under Pressure , is the alarm that sounds first thing and kicks off my morning routine. I just love that song and when I hear it I start giggling before my eyes are even open. This idea that I’m “under pressure” to get up and get the day started cracks me up. Once the kids are off to school, you can find me engaged in yoga or some form of exercise before I sit down to begin working. Usually I will start by responding to emails and then dive in to work with clients or focus on my own creative projects.

Things to do this weekend

Almost all of us look forward to the weekend to relax, recharge and reconnect. Whether you’re someone who plans ahead or does things on-the-go, here are a few simple things I look forward to: READ.   If you haven’t picked out a book, go to your local library and pick one or revisit your own bookcase. Try reading a non-electronic book, it’ll help re-train your brain to focus and read every work without skimming.