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What's Cooking? High energy snack of the day: Baked Plantains

Plantains look like bananas. They are higher in calories and are a reliable source of starch and energy, dietary fiber,  Vitamins A, B complex, and C, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. 

Global Moms+Social Good 2016: Be a mentor, Girl Up doesn't mean Boy Down, support girls education

As a mother of four, my hope is that my children, their children and future generations, live in a loving and caring environment.  When there is love in the home, and in the community, children can dream, and realize their full potential. On May 5, 2016, Global Moms,  together with the United Nations Foundation and Johnson and Johnson,  gathered a diverse group of men and women to talk about this year’s theme:  “What do you wish were true for every child everywhere?” Topics included:  Understanding motherhood worldwide  Equality and access for families everywhere A 360-degree education: What girls need to reach their full potential Women and Girls in the Syria Crisis: Strength Through Adversity The Humanitarian Crisis: Creating Safe Spaces for Women and Children Keynote address: Ambassador Samantha Power From local to global challenges: Focus on the whole child Care, prevention and the truth about today’s infectious diseases The changing role of dad in

Completed 3 Weeks of the 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge from | Strength Work-out Videos ARMS, LEGS, BUTT & ABS

Do you need to sign-up for a challenge to get yourself on a work-out routine? Well, I do. I don’t consider myself as a personal trainer. I am, however, your cheer leader or your work-out buddy. I don’t have the physique of a body builder or that of a bikini competitor BUT I love what exercise does for my body. And with that I can say that I am “confidently fit”. Over the years (more like a decade now), I learned that what you eat (nutrition) plays a BIG part in weight loss/gain or in being healthy.  (And yes, I completed a nutritional rebalancing challenge, too.)