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Friday, May 06, 2016

Do you need to sign-up for a challenge to get yourself on a work-out routine?

Well, I do.

I don’t consider myself as a personal trainer. I am, however, your cheer leader or your work-out buddy. I don’t have the physique of a body builder or that of a bikini competitor BUT I love what exercise does for my body. And with that I can say that I am “confidently fit”.

Over the years (more like a decade now), I learned that what you eat (nutrition) plays a BIG part in weight loss/gain or in being healthy.  (And yes, I completed a nutritional rebalancing challenge, too.)

I exercise at home for 30-45 minutes, 3-5 times a day.

As a guide, I use various home videos i.e. Beachbody’s P90x3, Insanity, and Jillian Michaels.


I like to have a variety and my main challenge is planning out work-out routines for the week.

So 3 weeks ago, I stumbled on’s #6WeeksToSummer Challenge where I get daily email notifications on what cardio and strength work-out exercises to do.

I told a few friends about it and they asked me to record short video clips.

Recording video clips added additional 20 minutes, but I enjoyed doing them because it kept me motivated. 

If you haven’t yet, click HERE to sign-up to SELF magazine’s 6 weeks to summer challenge.

Saturday: Big Hustle + Arms
Big Hustle is an 18 running routine which consists of walking, jogging and running fast.

Sunday – Leg Day (Lower Body)
You'll need a sturdy chair and yoga mat.

Monday – Fitness Class (free-style, your pick)
Tuesday - REST

Wednesday – Cardio (HIIT) + Butt
4 Body weight HIIT moves that sculpt your muscles and crank up your heart rate: jumping jacks, jump in place, side-to-side hops, and run in place.

Thursday – Steady Cardio + Abs

Fri – Active Rest or Yoga

Here's an added bonus (Glutes workout)

Listen to your body. Love your body. Baby steps. Don't get discouraged.

So if you're still wondering when to start, I suggest you start NOW. As Woody Allen said, '80% of success is showing up."

What about you? What’s your routine?

Top photo courtesy of Bebe Cherie Photography.

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