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What I learned about being a mom on "Take Your Child to Work Day"

This is Crumbcatcher #4 speaking; I just had a blast today on "Bring Your Child To Work" day.  I always wondered what Mom did when I was at the boredom festival, A.K.A. school. Well, now I know. She makes doctor's appointments.  Today, mom took me to Westfield Imaging Center to get x-rayed  for "Bone Age". Mom is always schlepping us somewhere. She spends most of the day in the car driving back and forth She's always doing errands, or cleaning the house, paying the bills, or doing loads and loads of laundry --- -- errands that will put you and I to sleep,  or work that will drive a kid like me crazy! Being a mom can actually be a lot more exciting!  Maybe, mom will find a 20 dollar bill on the ground for the ice cream truck,  or run into a reporter and get interviewed about her book,  or maybe on her way somewhere she will see a band playing her favorite songs,  or maybe the fun is in the “Mother Inst

Open Hands and Clenched Fists

A friend of mine recently chatted with an acquaintance, who began talking about what a hit her cookies were at the school bake sale. My friend, just making conversation, supposed that the women who raved about the cookies might like to have the recipe. The other woman responded as if my friend had asked for the deed to her car. The recipe, it turned out, was a secret family recipe she had gotten from her grandmother. She would never share it. Never. Well, okay. I mean, if you have a secret recipe, by all means, keep it secret. Of course, that probably means you shouldn't start conversations about your cookies and intimate that a single taste would drive French pastry chefs mad with desire. You're begging someone to ask you for the recipe--just so you can wave it, clenched in your tight little fist, and say, "MINE!" I've never understood that mentality. Where does it get you? Sure, you might score some buzz at bake sale time ("Ooh, I wonder if Mary Lou i

Welcome our new resident writer, Becki King

Every person I meet makes a difference in my life. He or she has helped shaped who I was, who I am and who I will be. I have asked people I admire to be a part of the GottaLoveMom community -  to share their talents and their  convictions, and in simple words from their hearts, make a difference in someone's life. I am lucky that Anne, Dawn, and Gwen have already joined this growing community of ours.  The new member of resident writers of GottaLoveMom is a dear friend of mine, Becki King. I have known Becki for years through our interaction in theMotherhood. I haven't really met Becki in person or even heard her voice -- but she has already made an impact in my life. Aside from reminding me in the power of faith and love, she confirmed my belief  that creativity is the most important ingredient in writing a book.  Last week, I finally got the courage to ask her if she would be interested in writing for GottaLoveMom, and I am blessed that she agreed! Becki K

Family Disney Vacation written by the Patriarch

Recollections of the Furer Family vacation of April 8-14, 2012 in Orlando as per the memory of the Patriarch, Al Furer. (These recollections will be reissued under the title “ Up From Dementia”.) Saturday- Roz and I arrived at the Summer Bay Resort in the late morning and were joined around noon by Craig, Jen and the Two Jays. After putting away our stuff  we went to the pool that had the Big Kahuna bar and snack shop. While the kids swam the adults sat near the bar. Unfortunately, in front of us, a young woman with a loud annoying voice and a microphone was directing a group of over-hormoned adolescents in a series of games accompanied by blaring music from a Hi-Fi system. I found myself fantasizing the various ways that I could mate this female with her stereo. Mercifully Craig suggested something alcoholic and I ordered a concoction from the bar called a “Voodoo Bucket” which is made with five different rums. Craig joined me by sipping his private bourbon supply and in

Memories or Nightmares

Every year for the past seven years, my family and I have taken a Spring break vacation with my parents.  We have been up and down the East Coast beaches of the United States, and even off the beaten path of Interstate 95 one year for a vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains.  My husband and I always want to travel to a different place each year, especially so our children can experience the cultural differences of the United States and the world. This year we visited Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks.  While on the beach one evening taking a family walk, the kids started to complain that they wanted to go back to the condominium.  My husband responded "These moments will be memories."  My son quickly replied "or nightmares."  Little did he know how true this statement could be.  It all depends on your actions and reactions. Pop-up Camper When I was a child, my family traveled at least a few times a year. With the exception of visiting family, we always

The Present

The most perishable thing known to mankind is the PRESENT. It exists only for the moment during which it is observed and just as quickly becomes the PAST and never to be experienced again. So when you just enjoyed that bowl of apple pie and vanilla ice cream, Don’t fret, it’s perfectly fine because you enjoyed every bite! When you feel like the world's going to end, or you feel like nothing seems right -- and the only thing that matters is for you to cry and scream -- so cry and scream, it's OK. The sun will come out tomorrow, and if it doesn't -- does it really matter?

In pursuit of beauty

During one of my family’s 17 hour car drive, one of the conversations that came up was, “What is beauty?” Can beauty be measured? Can you put a value to something that’s beautiful? Is it all about the money?

Technology and Self-publishing on CreateSpace

Technology amazes me! My recent encounters with technology made me think of the "Jetsons" , an animated science fiction sitcom. When I was a kid, I really thought that at my 40's, my world will that be of the Jetsons'. I'm almost at my golden years, and even though we're not quite at the Space Age or what I call the "Jetsons era", technology had already changed the way we interact with people and how we live our lives. Who would have thought that you would be communicating with someone  using your smart phones, or have information available 24/7? Who knows, someday there will be a portable scanning machine that will let you know instantaneously what ailments bother your tinker toys. I just got my iPhone. I resisted getting a smartphone for years, but when my "not-so-smart" phone stopped working, my husband insisted that I get an iPhone -- and I can say that it's the best investment so far!  (Although initially, I was so hooke

An inspiration for the heart

When Out of Status came out, I was nearly as ecstatic as Jen was. For one thing, the author is a very dear friend. Second (and this is the selfish reason), I could now align myself with published writers (getting published being my goal as well). Third, the book embodied the realization of a dream. While it wasn’t my dream, playing a role in the editing phase of the book made me feel very much a part of that realization. Fourth, the story gives a voice and a hope to the thousands of people who, up to the present, await their future in the land of opportunity. And lastly, Out of Status chronicles not just a young woman’s pursuit of the great American Dream. It inspires the heart as much as it empowers the will. It gives readers a new impetus to believe in the power of dreams. It drives us to face our battles, to never give up, and assures us that things happen only to those who dare. Photo Credit: Out of Status gives us hope that dreams can come true. Whi

Be happy from within, embrace the imperfections

My family celebrates The Holy Week, Passover and Easter. It was just one of those blessings I was fortunate to be a part of, and to be at a place where I am free to express and practice what I believe in. This time of the year usually means time to reflect, think more about what you can do to help others and to take a break from the hectic daily calls of responsibilities and tasks.

When we least expect it

It’s great how technology helps us in so many different ways. I’m sure we all have an idea of what these benefits are so I won’t go through them anymore. Going through the different social media circuit such as people’s blogs and facebook pages however made me realize how wonderful technology really is. The many positive quotes, inspiring words of wisdom and endearing videos people post on the web are just about enough to cheer anyone having a bad day. For some time now, my day (after breakfast, prayers and some chores) usually begins with checking my mail, surveying facebook, dropping by on my friends’ blog, then going over the latest news. In the beginning, it was just routine. Later, I realized I was doing it to set me in the right mood. The positive quotes and words of wisdom posted on the web by friends and other unknown strangers gave me a boost each day. The short positive quotes became like a new mantra for me. Perhaps unconsciously, I picked up these words and allowed th

Is it fate? Is it a choice?

Getting in touch with my grade school, high school and college friends made me more eager to go back home to the Philippines. We were setting up reunions since we had not seen each other in more than 30 years. One of my close friends in college, Anne, was getting married for the first time. It happened to be around the time I had planned to visit my parents. Benjie had given me my round-trip plane tickets to Manila as a gift. I was thrilled because it was a sign that my brother’s business was doing well. Most of my peers stayed in the Philippines , and those who left didn’t have the same immigration problems as my family did. I talked to three of my best friends from college, Anne, Chiquit and Caryn. We all graduated with a degree in psychology, guidance and counseling. “What did you do after we graduated from college?” I asked. Anne went first. Anne is a teacher at Assumption College , a prestigious private all-girls school in Manila . She is very conservative and s