Be happy from within, embrace the imperfections

Thursday, April 05, 2012

My family celebrates The Holy Week, Passover and Easter. It was just one of those blessings I was fortunate to be a part of, and to be at a place where I am free to express and practice what I believe in.

This time of the year usually means time to reflect, think more about what you can do to help others and to take a break from the hectic daily calls of responsibilities and tasks.

I had a conversation with a mother from one of the squatter areas (poor communities) in the Philippines. She reminded me that even at the worst and “not-perfect” place to live, one can find happiness as long as there’s faith, hope and love – as long as there are people who help one another, and strive to be better. She reiterated what I believed – and as long as you’re free to believe and dream, there’s no excuse to be miserable. Be happy from within and accept the imperfections.

Passover and Holy Week remind me of why faith is important. I’m not talking about one single faith or religion. I’m talking about believing in something far more important than your own self. I believe that every man’s measure of success and happiness differs, and it’s the little acts of kindness that usually make an impact in another person’s well being.

I’m lucky to be able to see the beauty of nature, that’s why everyday when I see the trees or the sky, I remind myself not to take things for granted and learn to appreciate what I have and not worry about the material things that I don’t have.

This time of the year is the time to write down what makes you happy in life and ponder on how you can make this world a better place. Your contribution does not have to be enormous. You can start small – because before you know it, there will be domino effect of good deeds!

I believe that when you’re happy in what you’re doing, even if the world ends tomorrow, you will still feel that you have accomplished something of high importance. If you’re happy from within you, you reflect such radiance and positive energy that you affect every one around you.

It’s not always easy to do what you want to do, especially when you’re responsible for taking care of other people. Sometimes you don’t seem to have enough time to focus and concentrate. But that’s alright. Because every little task, no matter how trivial, gives you an opportunity to express your feelings. Expression is a gift! It’s okay to be upset, be mad as long as you strive to be happy.

From our family to yours --- peace, love and happiness.

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  1. This time of the year does remind us to be grateful that we are loved. And that love, if we allow it, radiates on to others. May we always be a transmitter of that love and happiness from within. Happy Easter Jen!


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