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There are two ways to live your life...

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though every thing is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein It’s Wednesday night, and I didn’t get a chance to play! It's the same excuse --- I was busy, the week was just hectic! I just didn't have any time! But the beauty of it all is that come Thursday, Creative Nachos will feature talented and dedicated artists who make my Thursdays beautiful. Creative Nachos , or Thursday Sweet Treat (TST), had been my special treat for a few years now. And with all the craziness, the world rumored to end last Saturday – Creative Nachos is a place where it reminds me that there is beauty in the world. I’ve made friends through TST – friends who have helped me be a better ME. Friends who take time to create and share instead of break one’s spirit. I really believe that every person you encounter in life -- be it someone that made you happy or sad,  is part of the thread that's wov

What color is God?

"God is the color of water. Water doesn't have a color. "   —   James McBride   ( The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother ) Who has time to read? Well, as a mother of four, I found time... in between gymnastics meet, a few minutes before going to bed, waiting in the car while my child is taking piano lessons (that is if you’re not taking one of those power naps); a few minutes here and there and before I knew it, I just read an entire book!  My children have a way of recommending what books to read. A few summers ago, I got hooked on Mitch Albom’s books. And this year, my 15yo 10 th grader recommended a reading material to me. James McBride’s “The Color of Water”.  It’s a story about a son and his mother – the challenges and joys of raising a family that is multi-racial. This past Sunday, my oldest graduated from Rutgers. She's the first in her generation (2nd generation of Filipino

I quit!

Yes, I did....well, for now anyway. Some things are getting out of hand and I need to take a step back and redirect my focus on something else less stressful. When tasks are no longer fun, the best thing to do is to put those tasks on hold -- or delegate them to somebody else. And when you feel like giving up, a friend will always be there to give you that space until you're ready to face the world again! Sometimes, our dreams may seem too far-fetched, but we still have to try our best... To find the time and finish what we started! Felicia Kramer of  Another Bright Idea  is a dear friend of mine that I met through Thursday Sweet Treat. She gave me permission to post a few of her collage. Thank you so much, Felicia!

A Song For My Mother

Cloudy, wet, melancholy … Not sure if it was the weather, or maybe it’s because Mother’s Day weekend is this weekend. I haven’t seen, kissed or hugged my Mom for almost a year now, and I miss her dearly. Earlier this morning, I was talking to my Mom via Yahoo Instant Messenger, and I started bawling!! Oh, I just truly miss her so much! And at times like these, music and nature have always calmed me down. Two years ago, my now 15yo,  Jonathon , composed and recorded a song for me, “A Song For My Mother. With the help of my 19yo son, who I miss dearly today, too, a CD was compiled and was one of my memorable Mother’s Day present. So today, I compiled a few photographs and created this video : Here are some of my crumbcatchers' Mother's Day poems and letters: Here's one written by my daughter when she was 9. M akes me feel special; O pens heart to others; T hinks of other people; H elps people; E ver so special;