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never give up...

If you want something... Go for it!

Where do you draw your inspiration?

What gives you the motivation? If given a blank canvas – what picture will you draw? If given a blank page – what ideas will you write? In looking at this frame, do you zoom into the dot or do you zoom out and see the blank page? Sometimes…there’s just nothing to say…just a lot to smile about! In reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”, a few things stand out: I was waiting at the DMV last week. Big mistake going to get your license renewed at the end of the month! It took over 2 hours to get it done... I was reading the book while waiting and coincidentally, the chapter I was reading was exploring the topic: “Life is a test…” I don’t really like taking tests. There are days that I’m “A-cing” it, there are days that I barely pass it…and then there are days that I’m F-ing it! We hear the phrase, “ G-d does not give you a challenge you can’t handle.” ..but there are times, we would rather let the challenges pass us by… Needless to say, I calmly wai

Mood swings, belly-rolls, thinning hair, forgetfulness – and yet, I’m happy!

I don’t know if it’s being 46 years old or that I’m having the reverse effect of mid-life crisis, but I am finding “peace” in my chaotic life that I am just thankful for being me! Did I just write “peace”? My day to day is more like the unpredictable active rock slide in Smuggler’s Notch, but there’s always that little twig that is strong enough to give the support I need. I think it’s just a matter of prospective and faith – I just need to get myself in tune and just climb whatever I need to get through the day’s challenges and adventures. Don’t get me wrong, there are things in me that I don’t truly like. Let me list a few: 1) Moodiness – this can definitely drive my family insane. But luckily, they know that my hormones are at a whacky stage that they all give me a pass : ( I think that’s why they’ve been ignoring me, hehe!) If I have my means, I would just retire in the countryside half of the year – just to be close to nature, and the other half of th

When your child feels icky...What drives your life?

"A man isn't poor if he can still laugh. "-- Raymond Hitchcock How would you feel when your “jester” child has lost his happy tune? The worst thing a mother goes through is seeing their child not feeling well. One of my kids has been sick on-and-off for 4 weeks now. My child has not really complained until recently and this week had been totally frustrating. The ironic part is that 4 weeks ago, the pediatrician commented on how healthy my son was, and then a few days later (after his flu shots), he has seen the doctor/specialist at least once or twice a week. The sad part is that my son is feeling the way he is feeling because of the antibiotics/medicine. When you feel bad or upset, there is still this one thing that drives your life. And for my son, it’s MUSIC. Even when his mind can’t focus or when he can’t seem to formulate his thoughts, or when nothing seems to be right, music is one thing that made the last few weeks “normal”. Maybe that’s why he wrote

I just text’d to say “I love you”

The house was quiet…once again. Kids were in school and hubby was at work. Out of the blue…I had the urge to just let my husband know that I love him… So I sent him a text…”I love you” And then I sent the same text to my three crumbcatchers… Somehow today, I just want to quietly utter those three powerful words – via Verizon wireless ! My favorite author, Kahlil Gibran wrote,          “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” I guess today, my tree is just blooming with flowers! I wonder why today – of all the days? I’m kind of feeling “blah” today. It’s probably because I am nearing the completion of a year-long project. I’ve been writing a book about my family’s struggles – tragedies that make “Angela’s Ashes” a nice walk in Central Park. I’ve re-read and re-organized the beginning of my book – probably 10 times! Stopped, asked a few friends to read the first chapter to get their feedback, put it aside, and now that I’m ready to submit it to publ

We are all OCD with the things that we care about!

I’m a neat freak. I can’t seem to be creative unless the house is organized and tidy – and my obsession is becoming a hindrance at times because I can’t seem to get anything done but clean. Over the weekend – after a hectic schedule getting my kids to the pediatrician, dentist, Emergency Room and ENT specialist, I was getting grumpy over the “chaos” that had ruled the house. It felt like I wa suffocating from the clutter that decided to rule my house. Can I change my obsession? Can I limit the things that I obsess on? One of my kids was walking around eating brownies…and that’s when I lost it. My eyes followed the chocolate crumb that fell from my child’s lips, that left a trail on his shirt and landed somewhere on the dining room’s hardwood floor. I gasped, did a “Home-Alone” gesture of holding my face with my hands, and pointed to the crumbs on the floor- as if the crumbs were in a position to attack me! My kid laughed because he knows how OCD I get at times. I

It's that lovely time of the year!

I love autumn . I can go philosophical about the change of colors, life, inspirations and all that.. But Barney sings it best:     “I like to roll in the leaves, feel the cool breeze      Stuff a scarecrow top to bottom.      And you can call it fall if that's what you please.      But I say I like autumn.      Oh, scoodle whoppa doodle whoppa deedle whoppa deeze.      Our jackets, we're glad we brought 'em.      And you can call it fall if that's what you please.      But I say I like autumn. “ After the sugar shock of Halloween Trick-o-treats, the scent of autumn reminds me of family gatherings and holidays – just sitting in the living room, holding warm ciders or chocolate, logs burning in the fireplace and kitchen filled with comfort food. There's no time to frown.. So keep smiling, everyone :)