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Snow, Winter Wonderland, Media Noche and the New Year!

Woke up, and drove to the park thinking I can probably squeeze in a last run for the year. Driving towards the park, I noticed a few really dedicated runners all geared up and already running. But not me…it’s just way too icy for me.   So instead I just did my virtual run in my head, grabbed my beat-up Cannon PowerShot digital camera, and clicked away! I just love winter wonderland! I’m not so sure about shoveling all that four feet of snow from this week's snow storm, but I still think snow is beautiful! When I’m on top of a mountain at Smuggler’s Notch, Vermon skiing there’s this feeling I just can’t explain. No one adjective to describe it. And for me, it keeps me in check about my faith, my purpose in life. That’s probably why I love coming here to “my” Park. The tranquility and calmness of a newly snowed-in park – untouched, pristine and serene . It gives me peace, recharges and inspires me to be able to do any task I put my heart and

Life is not about how you weather the storm, it’s how you have fun dancing in the rain

. my case, it's the spontaneous dancing around the house, the "ewok-ness" in me! The year is almost over! One more holiday celebration before we celebrate the New Year. It’s 11 o’clock the day after Christmas, I have a kitchen full of dishes, boxes and mess. I wish I can just twitch my nose and make everything clean, put away and organized. But in the real world….no such thing, ha! But it's due time, everything will be in place...   Someone asked me, “Jen, how do you do it? How do you make it look so easy?” The past few years had been tough. (It seems like I’ve been saying that for the past five years) . It seems like every time we seem to have gotten pass a hurdle, a new obstacle is knocking on our doors.   This past year, with the help from G-d, family and friends, and with faith, hope and love, I survived the year with a smile! Every night, when I close my eyes, I try to look back and review my

Noche Buena, Maligayang Pasko..Keeping Christ in Christmas

It’s already Christmas in the other parts of this world – especially where most of my family members are. Christmas has always been a special day. It’s Jesus’ birthday, and without today, our lives would have been different. A few weeks ago, my other half of the family celebrated Chanukah, and it was a 8 fun-filled crazy nights. Today, it is Christmas. Let us not be shy to greet someone a “Merry Christmas”. It's Christ's birthday celebration, so let's not shy about it. Growing up, Santa Clause wasn’t the main part. It has always been Christ. “ Misa de Gallo ” or Midnight masses begin on the 16th of December until Christmas Eve, the Nativity of Christ. And on Christmas Eve, we celebrate “Noche Buena ”, a traditional Christmas Eve feast, when families dine together around midnight, and leave a few settings of food for the “First Family” – Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Today, I’m busy preparing my traditional Noche Buena, which is totally different from

the gift of love...

As I was taking a run, I noticed that all of the leaves on the trees I passed had started to wither and fall. I assumed this to be the natural order of things: the leaves grow; they flourish; and nature takes its toll until the leaves die, the branches fall, and the tree is barren. However, when I came across several evergreen trees, its stability and consistency reminded me that some are not subject to the weathering forces around them. This truth reminded me of our family. Despite nature’s toll, we always manage to survive and find happiness. That made me think, “Why is our family like an evergreen and not like the other faltering trees?” I realized that the reason why our leaves don’t fall is because of you. No matter what, whether you are sad, tired or sick, you are always willing to be there and encourage the family. I guess it is ironic that on your birthday you are the one giving us the gift, and that gift is you. I hope that this thank you r

scrumptious spicy chicken wings

Once you have it, you will be hooked! Last night, I served Pierce’s spicy chicken wings and the wings exceeded everyone’s expectations! I ordered them a few days ago: $35 for a tray of 50 chicken wings. I know they are beyond yummy since I had a few wings at a summer party. So when I found out I can order and have them delivered – it’s like Santa’s elves and Cinderella's little helpers are truly helping me get a few chores done, without a hitch!

Purplicious Prince, my daughter and I at Madison Square Garden

The Empire State turned purple last night (December 19th) when Prince rocked Madison Square Garden (MSG) with his”Welcome 2 America” concert.   Last night’s impressive concert was graced with neon lights, glitter, golden disco balls, a stage in a shape of Prince’s signature ( the artist ), purple delights in every act, and most of all a performer who wooed his fans, old and young, with his impeccable style of entertainment and music that is mixed pop, rock and funk! The warm-up acts started at 7:30pm but Royal Purple reigned by 9:15pm. It was a slow start but once the 52-year old Prince got on stage, MSG echoed every dance move and sing-a-longs as every one screamed, applauded, sang, giggled and danced to every song. (As my 21yo commented, “Mom, you scream like a 15 year-old!”) Prince is such a petite individual but a giant in every inch as a performer. I have been a Prince fan since I was a senior in high school, some 30 years ago! I play the

You complete me...

"You complete me … I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he" Have you seen the Tom Cruise’s “Jerry MaGuire” movie? It’s probably one of the few Tom Cruise movie that I love to watch. For years now, my older friend has been telling me that once I am nearing “menopause”, I will be putting MEN ON PAUSE. She said that once my hormones go awry, I will be looking at my husband in a different view – and she said, "It’s not that Twilight Edward-Bella kind of moment either!" So far…I can say that I stare at my husband with the same love as I did before. ( Sounds corny, but it's true) In fact, the other day, while he was driving and I was seated at the passenger seat, I took a glimpse of his profile – and it reminded me of how I fell in love. I’m a busy mom who enjoys seeing her kids happy; I’m a sister, who misses spending time with her five brothers dearly; I’m a daughter, who longs to be with his parents –

Would you know my name...if I saw you in heaven?

The happiness and joy that were reflected in your smile will always be imprinted in our minds. Your laughter, Your love, Your joy Your enthusiasm - these are just a few that we remember you by; Your smile, Your happiness, Your music, Your sweetness – there are just a few that we remember you by; When you said “so-long” We were left with a big hole. When you said “good-bye” We were waiting for the sun to come by. One day we will meet again, Your smile will be there greet us. So many faces, so many memories, Forever we will remember together. Your life was full of beauty; You were surrounded with families and friends; You smelled the rain, You felt the wind, You fought for your dreams. Saying “good-bye”” doesn’t mean a thing, It’s the memories - time we all spent together, Laughter and tears that we shared , That’s all that matters.. Trixie, you are our angel! Do you believe in angels? Do you beli

A big smile, a surprise – fun and dedication.. .time to kvell!

I’ve been a full-time stay at home mom for quite some time now – since I was pregnant with my younges t. With the 3 older ones, I used to work in the City. It was easier for me because I had my parents and siblings nearby who watched and raised my little crumbcatchers. With the youngest, we spent the past 10 years growing together...that's why he'll always be the baby. As far as my youngest is concerned, home is where MOM is. Mom and Home are inseperable! This weekend, my youngest won his first (ever) gold medal in the All-around gymnastics competition during the LVSA Invitational in PA. It was an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise. A lot of fun...a lot of hardwork...a lot of commitment. Our weekends and weeknights are hectic driving our younger sons to their activities – music recordings, gymnastics rehearsals and competitions. (Luckily, our 2 older ones are in college). So yesterday, on the way to the train station – as I dropped off my husband, he