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Bohemian Chic, Granola Chic or a River overflowed?

The H&M Garden Collection My daughter and I went on a much needed therapy last Friday – shopping! As we browse through the spring collection at H&M, Mandee, Aeropastale and Forever 21, my ever chic daughter commented on how I used to be a Bohemian Chic, and now I am a total Granola chic. (Didn’t know what Granola Chic meant until my princess told me so). I took both of them as a compliment. It just sounded so “zen”! (Nothing like what I was last week!) Anyway, while going through the racks and aisles of “déjà vu” 80’s-like clothing, Madonna’s “Borderline” was the background music at Forever 21; needless to say, I was dancing and singing as I went through the collection in search for the 2 Spring floral dresses I had obsessed on having (thanks to Vogue magazine)  for our family trip to Florida in 2 weeks. H&M didn’t have the Garden Collection yet, but that’s just a blessing! That just gives me another day to shop with my daughter next week! I must sa

Go for it!

Wanting something is not enough. You have to be hungry enough to want to have it. Today is the one of those days when sun is shining warmly on my side of the planet! Even the birds are out of my siding and on my deck basking in the sunshine. And add a few good news (thank G-d) from the Philippines early this morning, the sunshine just makes me want to just jump and dance around in my backyard and just enjoy the moment. This week is Week 7 of my P90x challenge ! Wow-wow-wee! I can’t believe I’m almost two-thirds done. I still don’t have that hard rock abs but I feel better and a looking more toned. I lost 5 pounds and 2 inches around my waist; even with my daily desserts – brownies, ice cream and some cocktails here and there! Last week was tough. My mind and heart weren’t in it. I skipped the Yoga routine last Thursday and Kenpo on Saturday. But that’s okay. I’m onto Week 7 and just finished the Chest, Shoulders and Tricep routine, and then concluded it with Ab Ripper

We are all super heroes

“We are all superheroes. You just have to believe in yourself!” It’s hard to believe but that’s a phrase that came from my 9yo! (And he was just 8 last week!) As we finished the last nebulizer treatment for the night, my 9yo grabbed Harry Potter Book 3 and was eager to finish the last two chapters. He paused to ask me how my “book” was coming along and I told him that I haven’t really had the motivation and the drive to dive back into writing the last two chapters. Every day I psyched myself into writing but I just kept failing to do so. My little guy proceeded and asked me what part of the story am I stucked in and I said, it’s the part when we revealed to him that his Tito Benjie is a super hero. He did his usual shrug and smile cute-combination and told me that I should just write anything. And that’s when he told me that we all have super powers. He asked me, “ Mom what do you think the greatest super power every person possesses?” I shook my head and said, “ Not s