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Bohemian Chic, Granola Chic or a River overflowed?

My daughter and I went on a much needed therapy last Friday – shopping! As we browse through the spring collection at H&M, Mandee, Aeropastale and Forever 21, my ever chic daughter commented on how I used to be a Bohemian Chic, and now I am a total Granola chic. (Didn’t know what Granola Chic meant until my princess told me so). I took both of them as a compliment. It just sounded so “zen”! (Nothing like what I was last week!)

Anyway, while going through the racks and aisles of “déjà vu” 80’s-like clothing, Madonna’s “Borderline” was the background music at Forever 21; needless to say, I was dancing and singing as I went through the collection in search for the 2 Spring floral dresses I had obsessed on having (thanks to Vogue magazine) for our family trip to Florida in 2 weeks.

H&M didn’t have the Garden Collection yet, but that’s just a blessing! That just gives me another day to shop with my daughter next week!

I must say that shopping is definitely therapeutic!

Last week, for the first time after 45 ½ years, I felt like “life sucks” and it seemed like it wasn’t getting any better. I usually have a smile, a spiritual quote or a philosophical phrase that always manage to help me just “shrug-off” the little detours life has to offer but I guess you can say that I lost my GPS last week. I was totally emotionally drained, overwhelmed and at my wits end, to the point that I vented it out to my world by writing “Life sucks!” in my FB status update.

But who am I to complain? A few days have already passed since my outburst and now I feel so guilty complaining about life. Life does not really suck! I am blessed and lucky to have the life I have. Hey, my Dad turned 78 today and still fighting to be with his family! I have a wonderful family and a loving husband (who just looked over my shoulder, gave me a kiss and a bowl of ice cream this very second, haha!). I’ve seen the poorest in my country (Philippines) and even they manage to smile every day, so growing up I always knew, there’s always a reason to be happy every day! I was just overwhelmed. A friend (DK) even reminded me that it’s just a cycle of life.

“When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are worse, we find solace in the thought that things are so bad they just have to get better...”

And as my friend SS texted me:

    “We only get this life, so make the best of it.”

The sun did shine over me!

Maybe I took all the sunshine that’s why we had tremendous rain the past three days that the river overflowed. Some places are flooded. I guess just like me – I felt like I got rained on so much that I just overflowed. And now, I’m letting all the water just flow and I know that everything will subside eventually.

With a little faith, miracles do happen :)

This week, I took on another project: a writing workshop. There's something peaceful about being creative but I'm not sure if I have that extra time to do the workshop. So far, I'm behind three writing to-do's already! I thought I can get them done this weekend, but the rain was just perfect for watching Lifetime's Project Runway with my 20yo and Hanna Montana episodes with my 9yo!

And of course, this week is the 8th week of my P90x challenge! I can feel the results! However, my body has a way of ignoring my will and determination once a month. No matter how much self control I have, somehow a particular hormone is so dominant that I can't stop savoring Heshey's Extra Creamy chocolate with toffee almonds. I just have to work extra hard burning those additional calories that caused me to gain two pounds this weekend!!
(We can't all be like Demi Moore who hates chocolate and loves spinach like candy!)

If you're interested in doing the P90x challenge, or the Insanity work-out, just click on my friend, Alyssa's Team Beachbody Coach website. As the beachbody motto states: Decide. Commit. Succeed. This weekk (8th week), P90x work-out routine includes:
     Day 1 - Yoga X
     Day 2 - Core Synergistics
     Day 3 - Kenpo X
     Day 4 - X Stretch
     Day 5 - Core Synergistics
     Day 6 - Yoga X
     Day 7 - Rest or X-Stretch
I guess, I'm a Granola Chic this week!

Here are a few quotes from one of my favorites: Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
“Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly.”

“Listen to what you know, instead of what you fear.”

Thanks for listening, have a wonderful week, and do remember:
    There's always a reason to be happy every day!



  1. I am so glad that you are back from the "far side" and feeling better. Love you, Mom

  2. Glad to see you back. I was in a down mood myself for awhile, but things are looking good now!

  3. I'm glad that you are feeling better, Glad you enjoyed the shopping trip with your daughter!

  4. Hi JenJen! This is such an uplifting post...I love that you were able to come back from those down-and-out feelings last week and see how you're like the river overflowing... that is just beautiful.

    I'm doing the old school Power 90 right now--I think the P90X would terrify me.. LOL I'm enjoying this less-intense version, which is still very intense compared to my old sedentary lifestyle!

  5. @Mom, I had a wonderful vacation - thank you. And I'm glad that we were all together and that I didn't have to cut it short to fly to the Philippines.

    @Tess, congratulations on your new book! I'll stop by to check it out!

    @Pam, thank you :)

    @Amanda, I'm glad to see you here!
    Everyday is a challenge, I guess that's what happens when one gets older and has more responsibilities in life . And I love the old school P90. I'm more on schedule with that work-out than that of P90x. Glad that you're doing it, too!

    Vacation has added back the 5 pounds I lost, but it was fun. I love to eat I guess I'm back to diet and exercise.

  6. hey jen jen!
    long time!! i thought i'd stop by and say "hi" or sige! (hope i spelled it right!) so funny that i stopped over now, i started a "wellness makeover" a little over a month ago, no more "diet" that was my problem if i was "on" a diet i was ok if not watch out emotional eating and helloooo weight and then the yo yo began again... it was enough for me, nutrition and exercise baby! 14 pounds and 18.5" down so far... holla!
    shelley :)

  7. Honey, Dad and I were so happy to have everyone here for a wonderful, funfilled, vacation. We certainly had fun - and the food was wonderful. Food is always better when you share it with the people you love. We will be home Sunday. See you soon. Love you, Mom and Dad

  8. You have a beautiful family. I am now following you from MBC. you can follow me back at

  9. @Shelley, glad to see you here, and WOW! Great-job! Stay healthy!
    @Mom and Dad, can't wait to see you guys back honme!
    @ShowMeMama, welcome and thanks for the visit!


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