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what do you want to be when you grow up?

When you were little, do you remember your first answer when someone asked you,  "What do you want to be when you grow up?" When I was little, I used to answer in a song,  "Que sera, sera -- what ever will be will be..." This Thanksgiving weekend, I was blessed to have a full house once again. After church and a brunch at a nearby diner (Joannie's),  we all walked to the park. I was pleased and thankful because I know that no matter what -- my children will help each other... will have adventures together... and will always remain kids at heart. The future seems scary at times but I think as long as you have the right perspective,   every thing will fall into place. As parents, we sometimes want something different for our children. We want them to find a career that will provide them stability. We hope that they pick a college major that is practical and logical. And we think we should kn

celebrate LIFE

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."   ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy From my family to yours,  Happy Thanksgiving!

even when you're not totally sure...just try it! Learn how to TRUST | Trapeze School of NY

Why would I sign-up to throw myself off a platform – 23 feet off the air? Why would I do something that’s not even in my bucket list? Since when did I have entries in my bucket list? Just for kicks? Temporary insanity? Mid-life crisis? Or is it because of the   “I am woman hear me roar” voice that keeps nagging me to just try it? Or am I a kid-at-heart that trusts that there is just nothing I can’t do? Well, I wasn’t sure, but I tried – and yesterday, I did it! But I didn't do it alone!  My friend who’s turning 40 in a couple of weeks  (great age by the way – nothing to fear)  shared a link (TSNY):  Trapeze School of New York  As you can see, the school’s motto: FORGET FEAR. – is exactly the first step to clicking the button to sign-up for your first class. So early this month, I booked our first session. I figured my friend and I have 3 days before the actual class to back-out – just in case we come to our senses! I was

Holding on to what we believe and some Good Karma Treasures

Faith is what helps me believe that anything is possible – I’m possible! It is the one thing that makes me look at chaos and say, “there’s a reason for all these insanities.” Faith is what helps me keep my dreams alive – reminds me that I have a purpose in life. Sometimes the “unknown” scares us that we might fall. However, faith reminds us that there are two paths: It’s either we land with our feet on the ground, or that we will learn to spread our wings and fly! I have struggled the past few months on what path to take to reach my dream. And that indecision has put a stop on whatever momentum I have in attaining my goal. Struggles that lead to paralysis – inaction. But what’s interesting is that in my “inactive” mode, I bumped into a church that revived what was missing for a long time. The past 2 months, I had been driving my son to Red Bank. It’s quite a drive from our home, so I decided to check out the town for 2 hours while my son immersed himself with “all th