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Why is it so easy to gain weight, and so hard to lose a few pounds?

It is so easy to gain weight! This winter had been cold and long. My little guy had been my “work-out” partner. We would walk to school every morning – even when it’s freezing out. My neighbor and I used to run a few miles after dropping the kids off to school. But the past few weeks, our routine got changed. Chorus and orchestra early morning rehearsals had forced me to drive him to school. Which meant, the almost 1 mile walk I had every morning had been replaced with zero mile. And in 2 weeks, I noticed that I was gaining weight every single week. So in 2 weeks I gained an additional 5 pounds, on top of the 7 pounds I’ve been trying to lose since last Thanksgiving. I love to eat – and big portions. I love bread – and lots of it. I love dessert – my, my, my! I’m almost 47 years old and my metabolism has changed. I can still fit (barely) in my clothes. I used to wear size 0-2 clothing. But this week, I couldn’t fit into my size 4 clothes. I know some of you think

Google (SMS) Short Message Service - you can text GOOGLE to do translations and more!

Every day, we tell our children “Try to learn something new every day.” And yesterday, I learned something new! Last night, gratitude to a dear friend, I found out that you can text to GOOGLE (466453) and get the phone number and address of my local pizza store, just a text message, “pizza”, to GOOGLE. I didn’t even have to tell GOOGLE where I was! Technology always amazes me. I’m still at awe at how Microsoft Word knows that I spelled something wrong – it even knows that I wrote a fragmented sentence! One day, I just need to touch the screen and it’ll probably write an entire page of thoughts and ideas! So I’m having fun with this new discovery! (Just a warning, make sure you have unlimited text package from your mobile provider, because it can be addicting!) Here are some fun information! Definition…………………..….define pigwidgeon Flights……………………….....flight co123 Movies…………………… new york Stocks………………………...stock DECK (stock symbol for UGGS) Translatio

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

there are days that seem like no matter how we steer to the right, our path leads us to go to the left; and.. there are days that no matter how tough it is to keep stepping forward, something is pulling us back; and yet, one day.. life surprises us.. we didn’t even have to step on the accelerator, the cruise control has already set the speed; every day, i just need to count my blessings; every day, there’s a reason to smile; every day, I just need to be patient. every time I feel like getting angry and upset, i look outside and know that there is always something to be thankful for. last weekend, my little guy competed in his 4th gymnastics qualifier of the season. like most kids, he worked really hard, and he earned 1st place in the All-Around. (here’s a video of his floor routine exercise, my favorite routine!) so no matter what...what ever will be, will be. what are you thankful for today?

Motherhood: You are criticizing me!

“Mom, I am doing what you want me to do but you are still criticizing me,” said my almost 10yo son. Let me paint you the setting. It was Saturday morning, in the dining room. My husband made breakfast for the kids – including my picky-eater, 10yo. What’s in the breakfast menu? Scrambled eggs! Sitting, with not a trace of a smile on his face, my almost 10yo was staring at a plate with freshly cooked scrambled eggs -- golden yellow and folded neatly like an omelet, a side of sliced apples and a glass of 1% milk. I wasn’t exactly sure what’s going on in my little crumbcatcher’s mind, but he surely does not look happy. So he took one bite after 5 minutes, drank from the glass of milk and took a bite of the apple. My ever energetic, super active, nonstop moving child seemed like on a slow motion pace at this moment. So after 30 minutes of waiting for him to finish the eggs, I commented, “How come it’s taking you forever to finish a small plate of scrambled eggs? You seem t

there IS hope after heartbreak

yes, today is one of those days - GREAT NEWS! there is light at the end of the tunnel! there is HOPE after heart break! life sometimes feel like a never ending roller-coaster ride at busch gardens. you are being bounced around…up and down! but like anything else… nothing stays still…or frozen! (yes, we 've been getting way too much snow and ice!) flowers will soon bloom... and our faith helps us through. enjoy life. keep smiling.