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What do you pray for? Reflections about love, hate, deportation, hope and the metamorphosis of the green hosta

Tragedy, an event causing great suffering, destruction and distress.  Sadly, at some time in our life, we will face an event that will cause great suffering and distress. How we cope with tragedy will effect how we live our life. For me, there are two dates that forever changed my perception of the world and the Universe I live in. ·          September 11, 2001. ·          October 27, 2005. September 11, 2001. That day our world was shattered. Individuals  were willing to kill innocent people and die for their religious beliefs.  Was it hate that compelled the 19 terrorists to carry out four coordinated terrorist attacks? Will there be a time when their hatred of our very existence will cease to exist? Or do we now live in a world where violence is part of our daily lives? October 27, 2005 . The day my parents and brothers’ lease on their pass to obtain the American Dream came to a tragic end. After 20 years of living in America and spending tens and thousands of