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Making Memories: The Lion King on Broadway, a Mother and Son Bonding Time

You heard this before: Collect moments not things. Bonding time with your child doesn’t stop when your child starts driving, or when he goes away to college. A child, from infancy to adulthood need quality time with their parents. Experts say… Wait, forget about the studies. Just ask your grandma or your mom.  There’s no need to do an extensive research.  You just have to listen to the wisdom of the elders: a  parent’s goal is to raise a happy and well-adjusted child. As my mantra goes, “a happy simple life.”

Conversations on Regrets and Inspiration

REGRETS The thing about regret is that if you have chosen to do something differently when you did choose to do, the present wouldn't be where it currently is. And it's impossible to know whether your present would be better or worse with the choices that you've actually made. It's usually this thought process that leads you to thinking that things aren't good enough in your present. Andy they could have been a lot better if only you had done that thing.The problem with that is that you  are constantly lamenting the things you don't have which takes your eye off the fact that you have so much in your life than you do have and are likely taken for granted. INSPIRATION Nothing is more inspirational than being in love. It turns on the light bulb inside your brain and makes you want to be a better person. It connects you to a world that is bigger than yourself and lifts your eyes towards the clouds and away from the horizon.

What do you pray for? Reflections about love, hate, deportation, hope and the metamorphosis of the green hosta

Tragedy, an event causing great suffering, destruction and distress.  Sadly, at some time in our life, we will face an event that will cause great suffering and distress. How we cope with tragedy will effect how we live our life. For me, there are two dates that forever changed my perception of the world and the Universe I live in. ·          September 11, 2001. ·          October 27, 2005. September 11, 2001. That day our world was shattered. Individuals  were willing to kill innocent people and die for their religious beliefs.  Was it hate that compelled the 19 terrorists to carry out four coordinated terrorist attacks? Will there be a time when their hatred of our very existence will cease to exist? Or do we now live in a world where violence is part of our daily lives? October 27, 2005 . The day my parents and brothers’ lease on their pass to obtain the American Dream came to a tragic end. After 20 years of living in America and spending tens and thousands of

What's Cooking? High energy snack of the day: Baked Plantains

Plantains look like bananas. They are higher in calories and are a reliable source of starch and energy, dietary fiber,  Vitamins A, B complex, and C, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. 

Global Moms+Social Good 2016: Be a mentor, Girl Up doesn't mean Boy Down, support girls education

As a mother of four, my hope is that my children, their children and future generations, live in a loving and caring environment.  When there is love in the home, and in the community, children can dream, and realize their full potential. On May 5, 2016, Global Moms,  together with the United Nations Foundation and Johnson and Johnson,  gathered a diverse group of men and women to talk about this year’s theme:  “What do you wish were true for every child everywhere?” Topics included:  Understanding motherhood worldwide  Equality and access for families everywhere A 360-degree education: What girls need to reach their full potential Women and Girls in the Syria Crisis: Strength Through Adversity The Humanitarian Crisis: Creating Safe Spaces for Women and Children Keynote address: Ambassador Samantha Power From local to global challenges: Focus on the whole child Care, prevention and the truth about today’s infectious diseases The changing role of dad in

Completed 3 Weeks of the 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge from | Strength Work-out Videos ARMS, LEGS, BUTT & ABS

Do you need to sign-up for a challenge to get yourself on a work-out routine? Well, I do. I don’t consider myself as a personal trainer. I am, however, your cheer leader or your work-out buddy. I don’t have the physique of a body builder or that of a bikini competitor BUT I love what exercise does for my body. And with that I can say that I am “confidently fit”. Over the years (more like a decade now), I learned that what you eat (nutrition) plays a BIG part in weight loss/gain or in being healthy.  (And yes, I completed a nutritional rebalancing challenge, too.)

MOTHERHOOD: Raising a child with Down Syndrome

"Faith can move mountains".  Several times in my life I've proven this, especially when there were trials. I always felt that God was with me all the time! ~  Carmina Huet

TRAVEL DIARY: Daily Photos, drone photography from Florida, San Diego and Texas

When a child is on the road almost every single day, a mother worries and wonder. (Well, that's our job, we worry!) Thanks to technology and global access (mainly Facebook), I'm able to visualize where my child is at a given time (depending on what he/she decides to share).

CONVERSATIONS WITH MOM: Daily routine, orchids and gardening on the roof top

Sewing, Cooking and Gardening. Three things my mom enjoys doing but gardening is on top of her list.   Taken at Singapore's Botanical Garden

WHAT'S COOKING: Low-Carb Gluten Free Muffins (Trader Joe's Almond Meal)

The following makes 12 standard-sized muffins (3.5 oz)   Dry Ingredients: •          2  cups almond meal (Trader Joe's) •          2 teaspoons baking powder (Trader Joe's) •          1/4 teaspoon salt •          2 tsp guar gum •          Optional: 2 TBSP sugar or  5 packets Truvia  •          Optional: 2 TSP  Cinnamon  Wet Ingredients: •          1/2 cup (8 tbsp) butter, melted (recommend Kerrygold salted butter) or 1/2 cup Refined Coconut Oil (the refined oil does not have the coconut flavor, but all the health benefits) •          4 eggs •          1/3 cup water Preparation: 1.       Preheat oven to 350 F. 2.       Butter a 12-muffin tin. (Use refined coconut oil) 3.       Mix wet ingredients in separate bowl. 4.       Mix dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients and mix thoroughly.  This mixing will avoid egg-white "tunnels" from developing in the almond meal. 5.       Spoon mixture into