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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When a child is on the road almost every single day, a mother worries and wonder. (Well, that's our job, we worry!)

Thanks to technology and global access (mainly Facebook), I'm able to visualize where my child is at a given time (depending on what he/she decides to share).

My son, Michael-Rex, is a professional artist (photographer, video editor, cinematographer, writer) who's been traveling around the country with various bands. On his Instagram profile he wrote, "music photographer/bubble wrap enthusiast :FAA registered sUAS pilot on tour with Tilian Pearson (4/24-5/15)".

Everyday, he shares with me the "Photo of the Day". And yes, he's using up a BIG chunk of our Family Data Package but I get to see places I've never been.

This is an aerial photo of Maricopa, Arizona on one of his solo drive across the country.

After a few car troubles and being on the road for days, 
it was a relief to know that my son had friends in San Antonio 
where he got to have a real meal and a place to sleep. 

Somewhere in California, with a caption, "I love you, Mom"
(It was around my Dad's second year death anniversary) 

He and the band had been driving the whole day yesterday. 
This photo was taken on one of their stops on their way to  Austin, Texas.

It's College Signing Day. 

When your child leaves the nest, how do you stay in touch?

Photos by Michael-Rex aka brownmetal. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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