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Conversations on Regrets and Inspiration

REGRETS The thing about regret is that if you have chosen to do something differently when you did choose to do, the present wouldn't be where it currently is. And it's impossible to know whether your present would be better or worse with the choices that you've actually made. It's usually this thought process that leads you to thinking that things aren't good enough in your present. Andy they could have been a lot better if only you had done that thing.The problem with that is that you  are constantly lamenting the things you don't have which takes your eye off the fact that you have so much in your life than you do have and are likely taken for granted. INSPIRATION Nothing is more inspirational than being in love. It turns on the light bulb inside your brain and makes you want to be a better person. It connects you to a world that is bigger than yourself and lifts your eyes towards the clouds and away from the horizon.