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You can easily fix a hole in the wall, we cannot fix the hole in our hearts!

More than sadness envelopes a parent’s heart whenever their child’s in pain, Watching your child jump and fall feels like your body is being pierced with pins and needles. Seeing your child smile is the best gift any parent can possess. What can you do to not feel the pins and needles of parenthood?   A wonderful family friend, Rich and Darlene Pierce, lost their son almost nine years ago when their son was just 2 ½ years of age. Please read Rich Pierce's post and pass it along. You, too, can save a heart. Its that time of year again. Nick would have been 11 this year on August 23rd. Instead of booking a party room, taking him to a ballgame, or getting our son a new bike, we will gather with Friends and family at the cemetery and send colorful balloons up to a smiling boy that left us at 2-1/2! If you know me you know I am a pretty upbeat kind of guy. I'm not here to bring people down. But if you really know me, you know how passionate I am about raising awaren

Simple pleasures - heaven on earth !

There is one member of my family that has given her entire life to her family – and that’s my MOM. MOM eloped when she was just almost sixteen years of age, and ever since then, she has dedicated her life to the welfare of her husband and her six children (5 sons and a daughter). She’s up and ready to attend to her usual morning routine at the crack of dawn: gardening, laundry, filling up the water tank, hosing down the patio, attending to her pet dogs and had breakfast ready…and if it’s a Wednesday or a Saturday, she tries to go to the market before it even opens since she’ll be taking care of my Dad as he gets his 5-9 hour dialysis treatments at the Philippine Heart Center. (The treatment only lasts for 5 hours but the waiting time can be up to 4 hours) “Exhausting” is an understatement in describing how my Mom’s day is like. She rarely smiles I think because she is just exhausted. But there are a few things that make her smile brilliantly: ORCHIDS. My youngest