You can easily fix a hole in the wall, we cannot fix the hole in our hearts!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More than sadness envelopes a parent’s heart whenever their child’s in pain,
Watching your child jump and fall feels like your body is being pierced with pins and needles.
Seeing your child smile is the best gift any parent can possess.
What can you do to not feel the pins and needles of parenthood?

A wonderful family friend, Rich and Darlene Pierce, lost their son almost nine years ago when their son was just 2 ½ years of age. Please read Rich Pierce's post and pass it along. You, too, can save a heart.

Its that time of year again.

Nick would have been 11 this year on August 23rd. Instead of booking a party room, taking him to a ballgame, or getting our son a new bike, we will gather with Friends and family at the cemetery and send colorful balloons up to a smiling boy that left us at 2-1/2!

If you know me you know I am a pretty upbeat kind of guy. I'm not here to bring people down. But if you really know me, you know how passionate I am about raising awareness about furniture safety, so twice a year, you have to take the good with the bad, and take some time to read this post

Please, take a moment to not only read our message, but take the time to look around your house, and anyone's house you know with children in it, for these dangers. Please pass this message on to those people. It is amazing the power a message like this has when you tell them you know the people in the story. You have my permission to use this story, our pictures and even our names to get the point across...(93% of people won't repost this, sorry I couldn't resist!!)

Many of our friends here have seen this message several times, and have been great about re posting and spreading the word. When I published this message last in March, I was able to track it and I was amazed where this message went. We all have new friends who may not have seen our message. Please repost and pass on to the people you care about. I also want to thank everyone for the kind messages you have left us in the past

8-1/2 years ago we lost our Nicholas

We cant get our son back, but if we can prevent even one child from being hurt in this way, then he did not die in vain!

Nick was 2-1/2 years old when he attempted to climb up his dresser in his room. He opened the second drawer, climbed in, and the dresser toppled over onto him. He couldn't breathe with the weight of the dresser on him. We never heard a thing. This was a small, children's dresser. Not something you would imagine could kill a child. It was a small IKEA unit less than 4' tall. It doesn't take much to overwhelm a child's small body.

Please fasten your furniture to the wall!!

The attached a photo of Nick was taken days before he died. It is truly a gift from heaven

Children love to climb. Dressers are often tall and an open drawer offers a step, making them very easy to topple. There may be something on top of the dresser they want and they will try to get up there to get it. A stuffed animal, a remote. Remove any temptation from atop that dresser

Please also fasten your Televisions to a wall! These are heavy and front weighted and children are attracted to them.

Some televisions have the video game inputs in the front panel. A lot of people now have nice flat screen TV's in their Living rooms & Family rooms. Hopefully it is safely mounted to the wall. So where did that nice old, and heavy TV go? It was probably to good to throw out. It's probably now in a kids room, or a play room. Is it secured to a wall? Is it sitting in a piece of furniture, TV stand or entertainmment center that can handle it?

If you need help, email me and I can recommend several options. Visit for several products I have developed in Nick's name

Please fasten your televisions to the wall!!

Please don't tell us you don't want to put a hole in your wall, or that you don't want to attach screws to your expensive furniture.

You can easily fix a hole in a wall. We cannot fix the hole in our heart!

Look at bookcases, Storage units, anything that could topple over. Don't just look in your home, look everywhere your children go. Home of your family, your babysitter, your daycare!

Most furniture now comes with a strap or hardware to fasten furniture to the wall, Please do not ignore these vital pieces.

Again, Please fasten your furniture to the wall!!

You want to give a great gift this year?. Go to the hardware store, get some screws, some brackets, and give it to someone with kids. Better yet, go to their home and help them make this furniture secure.

No one should have to deal with our heartbreak of losing a child this way. This is not a disease which a cure cannot be found. This is preventable with just some education and simple tools. Please help spread the word.

If you can do one thing for Darlene and I, Please send this to everyone on your friends list, and your email list, and ask them to do the same. Send it not only to people you know with kids, but to everyone who has grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and godchildren. If your kids go to daycare, send it there also.

(I'm sending this out to my email list also, so you'll probably get this note more than once. Sorry, I'm not apologizing)

Please pass this on to everyone you know, you may save a child's life! I know we are making a difference!

We miss you Nick!

Thank You
Rich and Darlene Pierce
(As posted by Rich Pierce on Face Book )

Rich and Darlene are two strong and amazing individuals. Please pass this message along and help save a heart !
Happy Birthday, Nic...

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  1. Dear Darlene and Rich - you're an inspiration to us all. God bless. Hugs and kisses .

  2. I will send this link to my daughter.


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