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Cartoon School

by Cecilia R. Mejia Career Choice: Is it a child's or parent's decision? “You want to go to cartoon school!?” says the father who’s just been told that his son wants to go to art school. I’ll never forget that line from the movie, “The Debut”. I’m sure every Filipino-American can relate to the premise leading up to that insensitive line. It’s your typical story of immigrant parents not understanding why their child doesn't want to be a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, basically anything that can provide them “stability.” I know this story all too well. It is the story of my life.

Fitness Friday: A time for me

“My life just got busier” is an understatement. I haven’t stopped “working” since the book was published and the paperwork for my third child's college applications and scholarships just kept growing. Although I enjoyed every new opportunity the book has opened up, there’s one thing I missed the most – creative writing. It was fall of 2009 when I got inspired into writing about my “zenwalks” . I don’t know about you but being outdoors is just magical for me. I could be totally exhausted but just a few minutes with nature and I feel invigorated. The WEGO Health Team reminded me something this week: We all need to live a healthy life, and it’s even more fun if we get to share a few tips to others. ( By the way, thank you for nominating us for the WEGO Health Activist Award: Best Show in Blog ) I believe that fitness comes in various categories: Mind, Body and Soul. If we are not "at peace", it would be difficult to get yourself motivated into work