Fitness Friday: A time for me

Friday, October 19, 2012

“My life just got busier” is an understatement. I haven’t stopped “working” since the book was published and the paperwork for my third child's college applications and scholarships just kept growing. Although I enjoyed every new opportunity the book has opened up, there’s one thing I missed the most – creative writing.

It was fall of 2009 when I got inspired into writing about my “zenwalks”. I don’t know about you but being outdoors is just magical for me. I could be totally exhausted but just a few minutes with nature and I feel invigorated.

The WEGO Health Team reminded me something this week: We all need to live a healthy life, and it’s even more fun if we get to share a few tips to others. ( By the way, thank you for nominating us for the WEGO Health Activist Award: Best Show in Blog)

I believe that fitness comes in various categories: Mind, Body and Soul. If we are not "at peace", it would be difficult to get yourself motivated into working out, healthy eating, and having a positive perspective in life.

So yesterday, although I wasn't feeling well, when my dear friend, Dawn, asked if we can do our usual "walk around the block", I didn't hesitate. I had been a hostage of my computer that the thought of being "free" was  a total treat.

So we did. And I was glad we did.

We laughed. We vented. We smiled.

And we paused as we noticed how beautiful nature's reflection was. 

 The road to our dreams will always consist of pressing deadlines, never ending work load, accomplishments and frustrations. If we don't take time to just pause every now and then -- stress and negative feelings will overwhelm us. And there's absolutely no fun in that!

Sometimes it's not about reviewing what had happened, or anticipating what can be. Sometimes it's being in the "now" . 
Sometimes it's not about looking backwards, or moving forwards. Sometimes it's about glancing to your side to remind you where you are.

The weekend is almost here. Let's pause and remind ourselves, what matters most.

Keep smiling.

pictures taken with my iPhone. And thanks, to my dear friend, Dawn Nicholas of Dawn Nicholas Photography, I learned a few photography tricks.

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