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A Piano Tuner, a Beautiful Christmas Miracle and Conversations with God

“There are those who say that seeing is believing. I am telling you that believing is seeing.” -   Neale Donald Walsch, Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends Have you ever picked up the phone and called someone you haven't spoken to in a year and when you hang up you're in tears because it was like you were meant to call and listen. Well, I just had that phone call. Early this morning,   my daughter and I bought a simple, silver star for our Christmas tree. When we got to the cash register, I didn't realize it was $20 more than I planned on spending. I wasn't going to buy it but I saw twinkle in my 25 year-old daughter's eyes - just like when she was 2. So when we got home, my daughter and 13 year-old son put the star on top of the tree. Christmas carols were streaming in the background as we turned on the Christmas lights. And to our surprise - a delightful treat, we were like little kids giggling with joy becaus

We were robbed of $1400. The criminals used eBay to facilitate the crime and eBay isn't standing by their system or their customers.

On Sept 17, 2014, we auctioned my son's Canon camera Lens on eBay.  On Sept. 30, 2014 I received a notification from Paypal that I received a confirmed payment of $665 from Dawn Morris and that I should ship the merchandise. On the same day, Dawn communicated to me through the official eBay email system where to ship the lens that she had purchased for her daughter. On October 2, 2014, my son and I delicately gift wrapped the lens and added 8 complimentary lens bracelets. My son also included his business card with a note saying, "Thank you. If you have questions about the lens and photography, please feel free to contact me."  We were happy that another photography enthusiast was going to make use the camera lens. I mailed the lens to Dawn through USPS Priority Mail, and also provided the Insurance and Tracking Number of VH 950 586 367 US . A few days later, the buyer, gave my eBay account an A++ and positive feedback and thanked me for the len