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Downton Abbey, a new obsession

Sitting in the family room with my loved ones, watching a few of our favorite television shows, is one of my life's simple pleasures. Once in a while, our friends would recommend "a must see" television series and it usually takes a few weeks before we get to check them out. But when a show happens to entice us, we'll stay up late watching the show back-to-back , be it via OnDemand or   Netflix. This week's new obsession is "Downton Abbey". My husband and I were out with some of our closest friends, when they recommended "Downton Abbey".   We had no idea what to expect. "Downton Abbey", created by Julian Fellowes, is a British period drama television series aired in the US through PBS's Masterpiece Classic. The series is set at a fictional Yorkshire country estate of Downton abbey.   The main characters are the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. The first episode was set in 1912. Mr. Fellowes t

Mapping goals for 2013 and Manifesting happiness

  What do you see yourself accomplishing in 2013? Sometimes writing the things you want to accomplish, or better yet, creating a visual board makes you accountable. Last week, I attended a 2013 Mapping and Manifesting Workshop by certified life coach Sonia Lopez .   One of the things that workshop talked about is "manifesting". It is true that some people raise their eyebrows when they hear the word "manifesting".   But manifesting just means "make things happen".   And no one else can make things happen for you -- except YOU.   Ms. Lopez also emphasized why we need to create SMART goals: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals. And every day, is one step closer to defining and attaining your goals. On February 16, 2012, my first book, "Out of Status" was published as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. I can't tell you enough what that day meant. It was just a beginning of a journey that opened