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Bring it on! Day 6 of my Power 90x Challenge!

Day 6 of the Power 90x work-out regimen is Kenpo-X . This is definitely my favorite! While I was getting ready this morning, I noticed a difference! Not much but noticeable enough from my critical eyes. It made me smile knowing that hard work is working…. slowly but it’s there ! (Although the lower abs might take years and years (or never ) to tone, I might be able to have a sliver of apple pie on Sunday! If you know me, I don’t eat slivers, I eat platefuls of dessert. I just love dessert and to totally give it up is just not fun at all!) Part of the P90x challenge is eating right. So if you’re reading my blog and shaking your head, “ What is she doing? Can’t mix apple pie and P90x together!”, excuse me – but I only have a few pleasures in life and apple pie is on top of that list. To top it all off, as I’m writing this, my husband just asked me,     “Do you want to have pizza tonight?” Hmm, tough call, but I’ve been craving pizza for months!  We have NOT ordered pizza

Burn, burn, burn! Day 4 and 5 of my P90x Challenge

Yup, my leg muscles are on fire! Five days straight! Not perfect form, but someday maybe… So yesterday was Day 4 . It was Power Yoga. I didn’t go to AlluemYoga and I don’t think I have to courage to do Bikram Yoga again! So I stayed home and pressed play-  the P90x Power Yoga DVD. P90x personal trainer, Tony Horton (TH) , says that Yoga helps in promoting strength, flexibility and balance! I definitely have a lot of PRACTICING to do! I don’t know why TH keeps reminding us to breathe….;-) But he’s definitely right when he says that I have to work on my breathing, and combining my mind, body and soul… So how does anyone do that? So remember, clear your mind and stay focused! (Kind of difficult to do) Here’s an overview: Wide leg hamstring exercise Split leg hamstring stretch Standing side stretch Astanga sun salutations Plank, Upward dog, Downward dog, Swan Divem Flat Back , exhale, Namaste! Runner’s pose, warrior 1, warrior 2, Reverse warrior Crescent pose

Day 3 of my P90x Challenge

The holidays added some fifteen unwanted pounds. Although I love having a little more meat in some places, every time I wear my clothes, I feel like I am having chest pains. And after my visit at the ER two weeks ago because of chest pain, I started re-evaluating my so-called health routine. Heart attacks and high blood pressure are in my genetic pool. I’ve been very good at watching what I eat and exercising but during holidays, I usually don’t have time to exercise and I eat every thing you can imagine! So on Sunday, I decided it’s time to make some drastic change to my day-to-day. My day begins by getting my two younger kids ready for school. If the weather is nice, my dear friend, Dawn (thankful for Dawn!!), and her kids who live next door, walk with my youngest and I to school. We get to chat (and vent), be outside and get about ¾ mile of walking! And if the weather is nice, we can be a little ambitious and walk around the lake – a total of about 3 miles! At aro

Share LOVE, you'll get more of it in return!

Dear friends, I'm not feeling well . I had an ER visit on Monday night due to acute chest pain and muscle spasm. Luckily, nothing serious but still feeling achy and I need to do a follow-up chest x-ray. I'm definitely thankful for my alert 8yo, a loving dh, a fast acting 911, town's ambulance, paramedics and a dear friend at Overlook Hospital! Hence, I need to spread the word, in case you haven't heard yet. Haiti was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. News report that 100,000 people died in 60 seconds alone. Haiti citizens and residents need our help so if you can please donate. You can donate $10 to Haiti through : 1) The Clinton Foundation by texting "HAITI" to "20222" or 2) The American Redcross by texting "HAITI" to "90999" or you can check out former Pres. Bill Clinton's Foundation Haiti Earthquake Disaster Information. Your donation will help victims rebui

What's in your pocket book?

Half my life, I thought a "pocket book" is what Americans call "paper back". In the Philippines, we call this - a bag! I don't usually carry bags - or purses or pocketbooks. I usually just put my 3x4 wallet in my pocket together with my cell phone, house keys and car keys. Last Friday, I had to bring my 8yo for his follow-up check-up. I had a feeling we would be waiting awhile so I made sure I had everything I need. Inside my pocket book were the following items:     - a small red bag that has my iPod and iTouch;     - a medium sized bag that has my allergy medicines;     - a leather-bound journal and black pen that I use to write some ramblings of the mind!;     - 2 chapsticks;     - a small package of tissue paper;     - 2 eye little bottles of eye drops;     - a prescription for lab work;      - my Kindle in its black case;      - digital camera in its black case;      - 3x4 wallet;      - beat-up env2 cellphon

Two and Three

Saturday morning, I usually have a full house! Last night, dh, I and our youngest watched “UP” all together in our bed. (If you haven’t seen UP, do rent the movie – it’s a must-see!) This morning, as I always do, I peek into my kids’ room. I expect all four sleeping peacefully in their bedroom – but then .. Four is in my room, sleeping on our couch; One is sleeping quietly in her bedroom and then –    Two and Three are not in their bedroom! Yes, the bedroom is perfectly neat and tidy – but it’s missing my two boys! I guess I have to blow kisses “good morning” in the air so that they reach PA and CA. I guess, they’re both right – One day, I’ll miss the mess they make in their room! Make memories now, it’ll be with you forever; You don’t have to be side by side to be together. Have a great weekend, everyone… “Let there be spaces in your togetherness         and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.   Love one another but make not a bond of love:    


The sun sets as we leave JFK and head back to  New Jersey.... All I wanted was to close my eyes, but then the sky looked like one beautiful painting... Is this why some people call it Wordless Wednesdays? Until tomorrow :-)

I guess it's just a matter of how one sees things...

While the craziness of the ceremonious “good-byes” is going on, my youngest, my 8yo reminds me how precious and innocent children can be. I guess it’s just a matter of how one sees things… While I was reading my free subscription of W magazine, my ever curious and vocal 8yo child glanced at the photograph and said,         “Yuck! Those ladies look dead!” To a child, the runway models are so pale and so skinny that they’re so lifeless! (especially with that sucked-in cheek pose, pale skin and nude-color clothing!!!) I wonder what my 8yo would say if he sees the paintings of the Renaissance women. (Painting credits : Dosso Dossi ) I guess it’s just a matter of how one sees things… While waiting in the doctor’s office with my 8yo, he started reading Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia. Out of the blue, my 8yo comments,          “Mom, thank you for my fertilized egg!” I immediately grabbed the Charlie Brown book he’s reading and quickly browsed the pages. And of cou

How does a mother let go?

My 18yo is transferring to California to study at the Art Institute in San Diego. It’s something that he’s been passionate about. I still remember the day that we finalized the paperwork and financial aid. It was the happiest I’ve seen him! He’s leaving in a couple of days. (I just finished cleaning up after a surprise party his friends put together for him at our home on Saturday. He was totally surprise seeing 30 plus of his friends, and 3 local bands including his!) Today felt like a smorgasbord of emotions, not sure if it’s because of my hormones ( that, too!) or maybe I’m on denial that my little guy is spreading his wings and totally on his way to live his dream! I was mad at first because my son still has not packed. And then it hit me, I saw him pack his clothes and “belongings” and while listening to his CD, “ Realizing September”s Sheets and Sweaters , I started having some chest pains! I can’t believe my little guy is leaving… I still remember the day he w