What's in your pocket book?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Half my life, I thought a "pocket book" is what Americans call "paper back".

In the Philippines, we call this -

a bag!

I don't usually carry bags - or purses or pocketbooks. I usually just put my 3x4 wallet in my pocket together with my cell phone, house keys and car keys.

Last Friday, I had to bring my 8yo for his follow-up check-up. I had a feeling we would be waiting awhile so I made sure I had everything I need.

Inside my pocket book were the following items:
    - a small red bag that has my iPod and iTouch;
    - a medium sized bag that has my allergy medicines;
    - a leather-bound journal and black pen that I use to write some ramblings of the mind!;
    - 2 chapsticks;
    - a small package of tissue paper;
    - 2 eye little bottles of eye drops;
    - a prescription for lab work;
     - my Kindle in its black case;
     - digital camera in its black case;
     - 3x4 wallet;
     - beat-up env2 cellphone;
     -  a pack of gum;
     - orange TicTac
     - game boy
     - reading glasses in a case with cloth and lens cleaner
     - pink hat and mittens
So glad I had most of what's in my pocket book since my 8yo and I were waiting at the lobby for 45 minutes and then we waited inside the exam room for another 15 minutes!
But lo and behold, my shoulders were aching that night.

I guess our bags define our job description - "full time mom" (a mom's always a full-time mom anyway, right? no such thing as part time or per diem mom!)

Can you list the items in your pocket book?
Do make a list and check if you have something in your pocket book that you didn't know you have!

Happy Monday and keep smiling :)

BTW, almost all of the gadgets in my pocket book were given by Mom (my mom-in-law)

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  1. I have lots of junk in my bag. Let's see...

    My wallet
    House keys
    Coin purse
    Brown pashmina
    Three pens
    Three (!) packets of tissue paper
    A couple of individually wrapped wet wipes
    My business cards
    Some discount coupons, various receipts
    Loose coins, despite the fact that I have a coin purse
    Lip balm
    Badger Hand Balm
    A pack of Ricola elderflower "pearls"


  2. Oh yeah, I forgot -
    Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and hand lotion!

  3. Wallet
    Ipod touch- to keep Carson occupied
    3-4 packs of gum
    lots of pens
    matchbox cars- Carson's
    crayons- again for Carson
    Burt's Bees Chapstick
    travel hairspray
    coupon book
    change purse
    wet wipes
    usually gum ball machine toys that Carson gets
    fruit snacks- yup for Carson

    My purse is more of a carry all for Carson's things LOL.

  4. @Paula, Happy New Year! Yup! Definitely our purses have been invaded by our kids!
    I just noticed, I also have my kids' puffer (for asthma), and a small first aid kit with band-aid and nesporin!

  5. I always have antibacterial gel in mine as well as some junk of the kids.

  6. I have more of the kids stuff then my own stuff.

  7. Honey, You were taught by the "master schlepper"! Job well done - I am really proud of you! I bet you also had a sweater, hat, gloves and a scarf!
    Love you honey, Mom


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