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Burn, burn, burn! Day 4 and 5 of my P90x Challenge

Yup, my leg muscles are on fire!

Five days straight! Not perfect form, but someday maybe…

So yesterday was Day 4. It was Power Yoga.

I didn’t go to AlluemYoga and I don’t think I have to courage to do Bikram Yoga again!

So I stayed home and pressed play- the P90x Power Yoga DVD.
P90x personal trainer, Tony Horton (TH) , says that Yoga helps in promoting strength, flexibility and balance! I definitely have a lot of PRACTICING to do!

I don’t know why TH keeps reminding us to breathe….;-)

But he’s definitely right when he says that I have to work on my breathing, and combining my mind, body and soul…So how does anyone do that?

So remember, clear your mind and stay focused! (Kind of difficult to do)

Here’s an overview:
Wide leg hamstring exercise
Split leg hamstring stretch
Standing side stretch
Astanga sun salutations
Plank, Upward dog, Downward dog, Swan Divem Flat Back , exhale, Namaste!

Runner’s pose, warrior 1, warrior 2, Reverse warrior
Crescent pose
Triangle pose
Chair pose
Twisting chair pose
Downward dog with Leg Raise
Right Angle pose and grab – NO WAY! My right leg was on fire!

Side arm balance
Warrior 3 – OMG!
Half moon
Twisting half moon
Last vinyasa

Balance Posture – Now, this is super tough!
Tree (my tree has weak roots!)
Royal dancer (Nothing royal with my shaky legs!)
Standing leg extensions
Crane – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my toes off the ground!

Seated Spinal Stretch
Cat stretch
Bridge or wheel – bridge, I can do but wheel, I don’t know about that!
Plough Shoulder stand

Today is Day 5: Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X

Warm up: Do you sweat even on warm-ups? Well, not me..but the participants in this DVD were already sweating and it's only warm-ups! I must not be doing something right...

Tony Horton says, “Quality over quantity. You have problems, I have solutions!”,
so let’s see what I can do for this set!

Here’s an overview:
Balance lunges
Calf raise squats
Reverse grip chin-ups
Super skaters
Wall squats
Wide front pull-ups

Step back lunges
Alternating side lunge
Close grip overhand pull-ups
Single Leg Squats
Dead lift squats

Switch grip pull-ups
Three way lunge
Sneaky lunges
Reverse chin pull ups

Chair salutations
Toe roll ISO lunge
Burn! Burn! Burn!

Wide front pull-ups
Groucho walk
Calf raises
More Pull-ups

80-20 siebers speed squat

And I thought Day 2 (pylometrics) was tough! I can’t even do a pull-up without support!

But we’ll see, maybe in time.

You can definitely press the PAUSE button, and I did plenty of that today.
Didn’t break a sweat, but we’ll see how sore I get tomorrow.

There are a lot of sets that I totally couldn’t do at all, but hey, even Thomas Edison said,
   “We now know a thousand ways NOT to build a light bulb!”

I have to get rid of the cravings. Yesterday, I ate a whole box of crackers and a cup of peanut butter – and that’s after having a full meal of chicken and vegetables! And to end that meal, I had gazillion chocolate Hershey Kisses.

I thought I was able to control my appetite today, but same thing – bread, cheese and chocolate! [although I did have an apple and an orange among other things ;-) ]

Oh well, let’s see what tomorrow brings. Day 6 is Kenpo!

On a different note, it was lightly snowing in NJ earlier. I got so excited because I wanted to take a picture of my favorite tree in the park. But by the time I finished P90x routine, the snow stopped and the snow melted…

Hopefully, next time…

Oh and lastly, have you ever tried calling’s customer service? I am so amazed how quickly they resolved my problems with my Kindle. I went online, requested someone to call me back and not a second after I hit the CALL NOW button, my phone rang! Now, that’s customer service!

So later today, I’ll end the day with…

Keep smiling...
BTW, I started writing a few pages today! Maybe exercise does something to one's brain!

Just a reminder, if you haven't donated to the Haiti Earthquake Relief, please do so. Click here to go the the Clinton Foundation's website.

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