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So long for now...

Just have to connect the dots... Pursuing my dreams... Until next time... I'll sure miss all of you! Email me at anytime!

pamper thyself...

When I'm home, I don't really relax. I'm always busy doing something... even when all the kids aren't home.. Thanks to my in-laws who gave me gift certificates for my 45th birthday, this past week was dedicated (sort of) to pampering Jenjen! Since my two young adults are either working or vacationing in San Diego, and my two younger ones are in South Jersey at Camp Grandma-Grandpa… A manicure-pedicure... And I don't know how - but what did I do to deserve such luxury? A day at a spa at Short Hills Hilton’s Spa Chakra was just what the doctor ordered! While I'm getting my massage, dh is hanging out by the pool! A complimentary 15 minute foot massage while sipping chamomile tea... A remedial one-hour massage at Short Hills Hilton’s Spa Chakra! (Boy! That was awesome!) A relaxing hour at the pool while sipping ice cold water and Reading a very interesting thriller-book; An hour work-out with dh that allowed

If it weren't for what matters most...

If it weren’t for what matters most, I probably would say life sucks! I know that I’m blessed even though six of my family members were removed from this country; I know that I’m blessed even though the US Embassy denied my petition to have my parents come back here in the US; I know that I’m blessed even though we haven’t had made a deposit in for almost a year now; I know that I’m blessed even though we’ve lost half of our savings and 401K; I know that I’m blessed even though my Dad’s pretty sick and Mom’s not feeling well either; I know that I’m blessed even though hospital bills keep piling up; I know that I’m blessed even though I feel like yelling the F word; I know that I’m blessed even though there are those who does not like me; I know that I’m blessed even though my real estate property taxes costs more than my health insurance premiums; I know that I’m blessed even though the house sidings are being broken-in my birds; I know that I’m blessed even though I have

You can save a child's Rich Pierce

Our oldest son Nicholas would have been 10 years old tomorrow. Instead of cerlebrating with a birthday cake and presents, we will send balloons off to him in heaven from the cemetary where he rests. We will be surrounded by friends and family who rememebr his beautiful smile. It is a great comfort for Darlene and I to know that he is still thought of on a regular basis Nick was 2-1/2 years old when he attempted to climb up his dresser in his room. He opened the second drawer, climbed in, and the dresser toppled over onto him. He couldn't breathe with the weight of the dresser on him. We never heard a thing. Please fasten your furniture to the wall!! Attached is a photo of our beautiful son, Nicholas John Pierce. This picture was taken days before he died. It is truly a gift from heaven Children love to climb. Dressers are often tall and an open drawer offers a step, making them very easy to topple. There may be something on top of the dresser they want and they will tr

tooth fairy? no way!

My dearest tooth fairy, To meet you is a pleasure And a pain at the same time; I’ve been waiting since last September, School year ended and you didn’t stop by. For eight years I kept my tooth clean; Brushed, flossed and rinsed. Only for yesterday to say Good-bye in blood and in pain. I hid my special tooth under my pillow, But you must have read my mind; You forgot to put a dollar and Left my tooth for me to keep forever. Mom said to try again tonite, But I refused to let it go. This tooth was loose for years, And when it finally left my gums, It left a mark so painful I decided to keep it with me forever. I’m sure you’ll visit again, I have more teeth for you to keep; But this one you can’t have, It’s for me to treasure. Copyright © 2009 GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. I got overwhelmingly busy this morning that I forgot to put a dollar under my 8yo's pillow this morning! So when he woke up, he came downstairs smiling

my lucky charms

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it." – Charles R. Swindoll a daughter's self-portrait... My 20yo completed this painting today as part of her college requirements... She was agonizing about it because it wasn't perfect.. But it definitely looks like a masterpiece to me - it just grabbed the center wall in our living room - on the mantle of our fireplace! My Christian beliefs... A treasured gift from my sister-in-law... Our Jewish treasure, mezuzah ... A cherished possesion passed on to me by my mom (in-law)... A friend once asked me, “Do you feel like you live a charmed life?” I chuckled and hysterically laughed, “Me? My life’s super chaotic!” “There’s always drama and tragedy every single day! And when I think it can't get any worse, Bam! Another tragedy decides to pay me a visit...” Hhmm.. It’s been 25 years since I first arrived here in the U.S.A.! Moved from Manila to San Francisco to Oaklan

priceless moments

"Our family is a heart of joy, laughter, love and strength. With every birth and every union, the heart grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every obstacle faced together makes the heart stronger." A painting from my 8yo... A movie treat with my 13yo... A zen-walk with my honey... Celebrating everyday to be a special day ... PRICELESS! (Last month was my birthday but I'm celebrating every day like it's my birthday! Of course, NOT actually eating the birthday cake - lol) The love of my family is the greatest gift ever! What's your priceless moment? More simple words from my heart: To my children Mahal Kita Three Words That Always Make Me Smile Being There for Each Other

the power to make a difference

Challenges seem magnified, Getting disillusioned seems so easy, Discouragement is only overwhelming If you let it overpower you! You have to power to say “NO” to the magnetic pull of being discouraged; You have the will to be happy, enlightened and be “gung-ho”; You have the blessings! There are so many depressing situations in the world; There are so many injustices; But There are millions of ways to make a difference; There are millions of means to inspire someone. You have to choose that path that you want to take; The road that will make you smile, The footsteps that move you forward, The realization that you are here to make a difference. So get off your slump and be out there! Laugh out loud, sing a song, and dance to the rhythm. Reach out to someone and entice them to make a difference, There are plenty of opportunities – just live, love, laugh and move-on! Start by smiling... How will you make today the beginning of your new mission to make a diff

Summer Fun - homework, friends and love!

"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle." - Kahlil Gibran “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman I can't believe it's August already! Do your kids have gazillion homework? My kids have plenty! just do the hoola... play with the waves... or just lay on (and in) the sand... My youngest who’s going on 3rd grade has some optional homework. I think the big mistake the teacher did was tell my kid that the homework is optional. So guess how my little negotiator reacted to such instruction: “ Mom, it’s summer – it means all play and no work! I think that’s why the teacher said OPTIONAL. And I’m choosing NOT to do the homework. My brain has to go on “stand-by”…” My 3rd child is loaded with homework. The high school program that he signed-up for provided him with 6 thick rea