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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our oldest son Nicholas would have been 10 years old tomorrow. Instead of cerlebrating with a birthday cake and presents, we will send balloons off to him in heaven from the cemetary where he rests. We will be surrounded by friends and family who rememebr his beautiful smile. It is a great comfort for Darlene and I to know that he is still thought of on a regular basis

Nick was 2-1/2 years old when he attempted to climb up his dresser in his room. He opened the second drawer, climbed in, and the dresser toppled over onto him. He couldn't breathe with the weight of the dresser on him. We never heard a thing.

Please fasten your furniture to the wall!!

Attached is a photo of our beautiful son, Nicholas John Pierce. This picture was taken days before he died. It is truly a gift from heaven

Children love to climb. Dressers are often tall and an open drawer offers a step, making them very easy to topple. There may be something on top of the dresser they want and they will try to get up there to get it.

The dresser in Nick's room was a small IKEA unit less than 4' tall. It doesn't take much to overwhelm a child's small body.

Please also fasten your Televisions to a wall, these are heavy and front weighted and children are attracted to them. Better yet, mount them high on the wall, and make sure and stands they may be mounted on are sturdy and secured also

If you need help, email me and I can recommend several options. Visit for several products I have developed

Please don't worry about damaging the wall, you can easily fix a hole in a wall, You cannot fix a hole in your heart.

Look at bookcases, Storage units, anything that could topple over. Don't just look in your home, look everywhere your children go

Most furniture now comes with a strap or hardware to fasten furniture to the wall, Please do not ignore these vital pieces.

Please fasten your furniture to the wall!!

You want to give a great gift this year?. Go to the hardware store, get some screws, some brackets, and give it to someone with kids. Better yet, go to their home and help them make this furniture secure.

No one should have to deal with our heartbreak of losing a child this way. This is not a disease which a cure cannot be found. This is preventable with just some education and simple tools. Please spread the word.

If you can do one thing for Darlene and I , please post and send this note to all of your friends and family, Education and awareness if the key to prevention
Please send this to everyone on your friends list, and your email list, and ask them to do the same. Send it not only to people you know with kids, but to everyone who has grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and godchildren. If your kids go to daycare, send it there also

Please pass this on to everyone you know, you may save a child's life!

We miss you Nick!

Rich & Darlene Pierce

This is a note from a special couple. Please include the Pierce's in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. That's so devastating. I couldn't even imagine!

    Great info!

  2. Great reminder --thanks!

    There was news about a year ago about how a little child here died because their big TV fell on him while he was climbing on it. It's beyond sad.

  3. It reminded me of my own son when he was just 2 or 3 yrs.old, he put on his dad shoes, for some reason, wanted to climb our dresser. It toppled on him but thanks be to God, when the dresser fell on him, like a hairline gap, just hit his toes but his dad's shoes saved him. My hubby fastened everything to the wall after that incident. It doesn't matter how careful we are...Being cautious helps and thank you for sharing this. May God comfort this family. Blessings to you sister Jenjen.

  4. My son used to love to climb on furniture. We had to fasten lots of it to the wall.
    Thanks for sharing this reminder. I don't know if many people are aware of the dangers.

  5. Wow, I am saddened by that. My youngest daughter is so curious she scares me most days what she will try to climb or jump off of. Thank you for sharing this story and making us aware of the dangers.


  6. Thanks for sharing this info. It would alert many who are not aware of the danger.


  7. JenJen! I missed you girlie!

    This post just breaks my heart =(

    ((((HuGZ))) to the family

  8. This post makes my heart ache badly. Something so simple, something so overlooked, could have prevented this from happening. :-( Thanks for passing this information to us, Jen!


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