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what makes you smile?

This month, let's talk about emotions -- every thing about feelings. So today, let's start with smile. Let's write down the little things that make us smile. This picture was one of many pictures taken by my husband on Sunday after the scheduled follow-up interview by UNTV for my book, "Out of Status".   The very polite UNTV crew of four was 90 minutes early, so I didn't get plenty of time to get ready. But regardless, it ended up being a cathartic interview - one that's loaded with emotions. Maybe it's the color of my dress. Maybe it's the gorgeous sunny afternoon. Maybe it's the well mannered UNTV crew. Maybe it's the idea of being able to help others. Maybe it was just another day to be thankful.  Or maybe I was just in the mood to smile. defines smile as " a facial expression indicating pleasure, favor or amusement, characterized by the upturning of the corners of the mouth. "

Cruel and compassionate America

“I understood that there were laws to be followed. I understood that we made mistakes. But wasn’t there a middle ground between immigration laws and the human tragedy of tearing loving and decent families apart?” ~ Out of Status I love this country. Although America seems cruel at times, I believe, America is also very compassionate.  I have such respect for value of freedom and hope and opportunity that despite American's harsh treatment of my family, my feelings are no less now than when I got off the plane almost 28 years ago. Why do people uproot their lives, sacrifice everything just to migrate to America with the hope of building a better future? Most people seem not to understand why people couldn’t just wait in line, why come to America illegally – or in our case, over stayed our “legal” welcome. Others are fortunate to have the elusive green card. However, there are millions who overstayed and are now “out of status”  - or worst, have been dep

Pinoys, Solar Champion and more

Pinoys (Filipino) are fun-loving people. The world could end tomorrow, and Pinoys will find ways to enjoy life - and survive. There are plenty of Pinoys who want to help those who are in need of assistance. There's always someone trying to make a difference. While browsing through my FaceBook newsfeed, I bumped into "The Solar Champion" . I ignored it at first because it was talking about finding the next Pacquiao. (I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even know how to spell Pacquiao without double checking the FB page. What kind of Pinoy am I? ) Anyway, what caught my attention was part of the movie trailer that highlighted the solar bulb invention. Having seen the poor kids in the squatters area in the Philippines, I was intrigued. Wouldn't it be a great idea if economically challenged families have access to these kinds of light bulbs? I am an advocate for HOPE. (Actually, I'm a sucker for anything that depicts HOPE, dreaming BIG and of c

Mars vs. Venus

As I was throwing away my husband's empty deodorant container, the back label caught my eye. So does this mean with one swipe of the deodorant he gains an unlimited amount of confidence?  That men automatically become Tony Robbins when they use this? It is a bit depressing to think that the people who write the verbiage for this product packaging actually get paid.  It is apparent that they do not trust men to judge their product on its merits and ability to stave off underarm odor.  My husband's comment was "That is awesome!" Mine claims to "please rather than overpower the senses" n ot turn me into Wonder Woman, although that would be nice! I looked at the new container of his deodorant and this is what it read: Really?  This is what convinces men to buy this product?  I wonder how many men actually buy their own deodorant?  I'm sure the women that purchase these items do not read the packaging.  I know I