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The Price of Dry Clothes | Our Day at SELF's Workout in the Park

by Dawn Nicholas As thunder rumbled loudly overhead, a waitress scrambled among the tables to collect payment from those of us who had been enjoying a lazy late afternoon lunch in Central Park.   My 16 year old daughter and I dashed through the trees and onto the city streets, our large, overstuffed goodie bags bouncing against us, just as warm , heavy drops of rain began to fall.  With less than two blocks to cover before reaching the subway station, the downpour began, and we were among the unprepared, laughing as we surrendered to our fate. Months earlier, I had come across an ad in Self Magazine announcing the 20 th Anniversary Self Workout in the Park.  This event is held yearly in cities across the U.S. to promote health and fitness to women of all fitness levels.  During this outdoor event, a wide variety of mini fitness classes are held every 20 minutes from 11 am – 3 pm, taught by a group of energetic instructors.  For a $20 entry fee, each attendee is permitted t

A friend told me I was "broken"

by Sonia Lopez Simpson “Friends are the family you get to choose”  It’s interesting that coaching sessions on friendships have been showing up for me lately along with blogs and conversations on the topic.  You see, at the beginning of 2013, one of my intentions was to surround myself with women who are supportive, loving, kind and who are willing to put forth the effort to build beautiful friendships.  And it’s happening, with effort from both parties.  Like any relationship, friendships require work towards growth – at least the good ones do.  Recently I had a session where a client reminded me of my own growth in the friendship department.  She was getting all up in her head that a good friend had become distant and she didn’t know why.  She made up scenarios that were VERY creative and VERY untrue. Which she later discovered.  In this session, my own friendship buttons were pushed.  A few years ago I lost a friendship of 20+ years.  Sad but true. 

Wake-up, life does not begin at 40!

I'm almost 49 and it seems like every decade, there's a new slogan inspiring me that my life begins at this so and so decade. I've been looking forward to be 50, because for some absurd reasoning that I concocted in my silly brain, that I need a milestone to motivate myself to start celebrating life.