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the best part of wasting the whole day is that it’s wholly yours to waste

"I don’t care if you call me Lazy Bones. I love to lounge away the day alone. Why mix with others when being myself is so beautiful? When the day’s at my pace. I can relish small pleasures like ripe cherries, spiced blackberries, the aroma of sweet wood and fresh herbs. Afterall, there’s no shame in putting off today what can truly wait ‘till tomorrow!"    Busy bee, that's me!  I had been neglecting the blog -- but life happens so what can I say? Busy writing, busy being a mom, wife, daughter and sister! Last week, my husband and I took one of our little-big kids to see The Juilliard School, and it was a total treat! I think everyone should do the campus tour -- just to see how amazing that school truly is! It's almost May and my days will only get busier! But I still look forward to the quiet nights -- when I can have a sip of my husband's red wine (Lazy Bones wine was from Trade Joe's, and just $6!!) and munch

Destiny has to be won….and just enjoying life!

“Whatever road I take, whatever journey I’m in…every road leads to my purpose in life, right?” Sometimes I wonder … Do things happen for a reason? The decisions we make, do they lead us to our objective? The people we meet – or people we had ignored, are they all part of our destiny? Or our lives would have been different if we chose the right path? Or regardless of the path we took, we would have ended up with the same outcome? Just like the 12th deciple, did he have a choice not to do what he did? But wasn't his destiny been written all along? For almost 47 years, I had made various decisions…and it seems like every thing is part of what my purpose in life is. The past few weeks – it’s all about motherhood! 14 years ago, my parents had to move and decided to give us their old piano. And since then, the sound of music in our home had not stopped… The past few weeks had been a roller coaster ride – busy as a bee -- that was me! Four crumbcatchers, four