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Destiny has to be won….and just enjoying life!

“Whatever road I take, whatever journey I’m in…every road leads to my purpose in life, right?”

Sometimes I wonder …
Do things happen for a reason?
The decisions we make, do they lead us to our objective?
The people we meet – or people we had ignored, are they all part of our destiny?
Or our lives would have been different if we chose the right path?
Or regardless of the path we took, we would have ended up with the same outcome?

Just like the 12th deciple, did he have a choice not to do what he did?
But wasn't his destiny been written all along?

For almost 47 years, I had made various decisions…and it seems like every thing is part of what my purpose in life is.

The past few weeks – it’s all about motherhood!

14 years ago, my parents had to move and decided to give us their old piano.
And since then, the sound of music in our home had not stopped…

The past few weeks had been a roller coaster ride – busy as a bee -- that was me!

Four crumbcatchers, four different directions:
  * graduating from college with honors, and proceeding with nursing school;
  * in San Diego living on his own, doing well in college and involved in music;
  * just came back from a Youth and Goverment conference -- awarded Oustanding Statesman, NJ delegate and elected President of the Senate;
  * tied in 8th place overall in the Regionals gymnastics competition ( over 100 kids, 7 states)

 But there was that one child that dominated the first few weeks.

Over a year ago, when my son was just 14 years old, we were approached with a new adventure.

“Jonathon’s dedication to his craft his remarkable for one his age. The next step in his music career is to record his first album!”

“There are a lot of possibilities such as being a voting member of the Grammy’s, a full time recording artists, and so on…I can’t guarantee anything, but at least the songs can get some radio air play – that I’m positive. He is ready!”

Needless to say, my 14yo was excited!

My husband and I weren’t so sure, and we didn’t know if it’s the right time and what level of involvement this new adventure would hold. We opted to wait until summer, because our child needed to focus on school.

My child had plenty of interests – but music has always been his passion, ever since he was 2.

Every time people witnessed him perform, people would approach me and say,

“He lights up the stage.”
“He makes the piano talk to us!”
“He is one charming, confident and polite young man!”
“He is going to go places!”

Parents of his piano students would tell us how Jonathon has motivated their child, and had brought music to their homes.


We let our child make the decision – and the commitment.

Original plan was a 10 song CD to be released November 2010. So my 14yo focused whatever little extra time he had focusing on writing 5 original songs. He planned on 5 covers and 5 originals. While most kids were busy playing video games, he was focused on writing the 5 songs – because that’s his passion.

However, life happens.
1) Illness in the family
2) A death of a business partner
3) Being sick for 8 weeks
4) Life’s twists and turns.

A few adjustments and a year later, my 15yo’s three track CD was completed.

The Single-EP (extended play) titled, “A Little Taste”, is now available in iTunes, Amazon and CDBABY..
(Just 99 cents per song or $2.97 for the three track EP)

Here's a little audio clip, "Pretty Woman We Are Through".

A music veteran journalist, Jonathon Widran, got the first look and interview with my now 15yo son. As he wrote:

With the help of his own piano teacher, producer, Hammond B-3 master, composer and recording artist Joe Kurasz, Furer recently recorded a three track “calling card” EP that incorporates all of the musical loves of his life—classical, pop, rock and jazz. While conventional wisdom dictates that budding artists choose and master a single genre, Furer’s passions gleefully defy such pigeonholing and take listeners on an extraordinary and eclectic journey. While the elegant intro to his original “Pretty Woman” draws a bit on his classical training, the song becomes a playful, grooving, bass piano driven romp—and a perfect showcase for his skills as a pop singer, lyricist and saxophonist. The simple cathartic line “Pretty Woman, we are through” is one any young person who has been in a new relationship with a deceptive person can relate to.

Over the past few years, Furer has developed an incredible ear for jazz. As a saxophonist, he has been hugely influenced by Chris Potter (whom he first saw perform at the Village Vanguard in NYC) as well as legends like Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderley. His tastes have diversified to include everyone from Gershwin, Miles Davis and Dave Grusin to fusion drum great Dave Weckl. Furer showcases his powerful abilities with melody and jazz improvisation on the densely percussive, playfully rolling Brazilian jazz classic “Blue Bossa,” a standard composed by Kenny Dorham which was first introduced in the early 60s by Joe Henderson. Furer blends his pop and jazz sensibilities perfectly on the infectious, groove driven swing-funk instrumental “Middle C.”

(This will make you dance)

I hope you’ll take time to visit his Band Page (FB)  and be a fan.  Help me spread his music.
You can listen and buy his songs through his band page, too. Let my little guy know...We would love to get any feedback or reviews. As he said,
"I didn't get to the finish line, but every step is a milestone!"

And yet, with busy lives, we should not forget to enjoy life. Let kids be kids – even adults!

When things get hectic, I always turn to one of my favorite books:

Antoine de Saint-Exupery's "The Little Prince". My favorite quotes:
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."
"The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them."

Let’s enjoy life… make the decisions that we choose to make, and have the attitude to enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day, and keep smiling :)

(PS: I was watching Camelot on TV when  I heard Merlin tell King Arthur, "Destiny has to be won."
 The picture of the garden was taken at Hershey Hotel, PA)


  1. Honey, This writing, like all of your writings, is so beautifully done - thoughtful and thought provoking.
    Thank you for writing.
    Love you, Mom

  2. I love this ...I am so proud of him and you and all of your children...I will be sharing on Nachos very soon! Keep's like a light in the world.


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