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I'm not waiting for tomorrow...

Are you a leader or a follower? Are you rational or emotional? Are you easily swayed? I guess it all depends. There are things I take charge and some things I follow one’s lead. There are issues I react logically and some events I follow my heart (Hey, even Spock follows his heart, too, at times) There are factors that can easily influence me, and yet there are those that will never persuade me. I haven’t listened to the news for days. I guess you can say I was busy being in "zen" since I started attending yoga classes at AlluemYoga. So it took me by surprise when I learned about the failed terrorist attack on Christmas Day! And then I got really mad (pissed if I may say so ) to learn that the terrorist was able to get into a plane to the US with a one-way ticket, no luggage and his own father alerting our own embassy of his son’s radical views, and yet – he was given permission to travel to the US! How can he get a visa and my family in the Philippines is not

An epiphany!

For the past few months, I’ve put a lot of things on hold. I thought I’d be accomplishing a lot of things but one thing I forgot to look after – my own self. I was busy organizing everyone’s life that I overlooked one particular life that means so much to me – my own! I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling down, moody and just “blah”. Sometimes we thought the things that occupy our time are just mere distractions to a better and bigger project or task, one thing I forgot was that the little “here and there’s” are an important factor of being happy – for your own self. Just now, while writing this note, I notice how the sun shines through my window. It’s 40 degrees in New Jersey and yet, I can feel the warmth of this beautiful star. Its radiance is a reminder that every day is a indeed a beautiful day no matter how bad the night before might have seem. I’ve put aside a lot of things : 1) Exercise 2) Writing about anything – a tree, a child’s excitement, cooki

Enjoy the holidays...

As we celebrate the holidays – Chanukah and Christmas, we tend to contemplate on the year that passed. It seems like every year’s been a roller coaster year – I think that’s a sign that we’re strong Life definitely is a journey and hopefully we learn from every step that we make, every road that we take and every wrong turns that we freak out about! What does the holiday mean to you? Is it the bright golden sparkles that grace the green branches? Is it the gold trimmed red ribbons that adorn the tree? Is it the unique hand-crafted ornaments that rings a bell? Is it the sparkling ballerina or the dainty crystal horn? Is it the manger that your 8yo put together? Is it the joyful and soulful sound of Christmas carols? Is it the icicle light bulbs that hang around your front patio? Is it the angel made of bamboo that’s sitting on top of the table? Is it the different Santa collection you’ve gathered for the past fifteen years? Is it the snowman in sof

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and cherish every moment. Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!

If you have the time ALL for YOURSELF, what will you do?

Have you ever heard of the song, “Que sera sera?” When I was just a little girl, I used to sing this song a lot! This probably was the first song I sang! So this week, as I went trick or treating with my 8yo, who is now sick with swine flu,  the view of our block reminded me of something I’ve always dreamed of… I just love nature! I would love to just capture its beauty or its rage with paintbrush! ' So as the song goes,           When I was just a little girl            I asked my mother, what will I be            Will I be pretty, will I be rich            Here's what she said to me.             Que Sera, Sera,             Whatever will be, will be             The future's not ours, to see             Que Sera, Sera              What will be, will be. So this week, my question to you is: “If you have one week or one moment to do whatever you want – for YOU,   Not for your kids, not for your husband or for your family   BUT for YO


WHO  are we if we don’t have friends and family? WHERE  will we be if love is conditional? WHAT will our life be if we don’t have faith? Today I woke up sad deep inside .. Why you might ask? Well, Four years ago on this day, my life and the lives of my family have been changed forever! Four years ago on this day, I thought the sun will never rise again; Four years ago on this day, I thought there’s no light at the end of the tunnel; Four years ago on this day, I thought G-d has abandoned us… Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years have passed and that day - October 27, 2005, That day is just a reminder of how strong my family’s love for one another is; That day is just a reminder of how faith in G-d will help you get through any challenges; That day is just a reminder that every day we make choices; That day is just a reminder that our attitude in life takes us to where we want to be; That day is just a reminder that maybe things do happen for a 7 seconds I shattered mine...

Have you seen the movie, " Seven Pounds" ? Well, I just did last night (on-demand) ... Its a reminder that in a seven seconds, one can shatter plenty of lives... Click HERE  for more photo's of nature's beauty. "In 7 days, G-d created the world,    in 7 seconds I shattered mine. "                                      - Ben Thomas (from the movie, "Seven Pounds") Please pledge to keep your mind on the wheel! Please pass the message along. Here are some things you can do to pass the message along: 1) Talk to your PTA or community organizations      (Cranford, NJ High School PTA will post the campaign ad in        the November-December issue of their newsletter) 2) Write to your local newspaper 3) Print the Mom Sends the Msg logo and tape it to your car and your teenagers' cars. 4) Talk about it with your kids, families and friends. 5) Email or your wireless provider to see if they can


Be thankful... Enjoy the beauty... Make a difference... Have a great week everyone! Keep smiling :)

Trick or treat! Keep your mind on the wheel!

Walk with me through my town as I check-out the 2nd Annual Scarescrow stroll... If you live in my town, don't forget to cast your vote. Voting ends on Halloween!                                    ------------------------------------------------ Don’t be a Scarecrow this Halloween by Texting and Driving! Trick or Treat! We all have busy schedules and sometimes we think that we have to do a million things all at the same time. But what we don’t realize is that we’re not really giving ourselves a treat by multi-tasking while driving, we are actually engaging in a very dangerous trick ! Download this picture and tape it to your dashboard. It’ll be a reminder of the pledge you made to make the roads safer. ( Go to to sign the pledge if you still haven't... ) Do check-out the public service announcement in the November-December issue o