An epiphany!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

For the past few months, I’ve put a lot of things on hold. I thought I’d be accomplishing a lot of things but one thing I forgot to look after – my own self.

I was busy organizing everyone’s life that I overlooked one particular life that means so much to me – my own!

I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling down, moody and just “blah”.

Sometimes we thought the things that occupy our time are just mere distractions to a better and bigger project or task, one thing I forgot was that the little “here and there’s” are an important factor of being happy – for your own self.

Just now, while writing this note, I notice how the sun shines through my window. It’s 40 degrees in New Jersey and yet, I can feel the warmth of this beautiful star. Its radiance is a reminder that every day is a indeed a beautiful day no matter how bad the night before might have seem.

I’ve put aside a lot of things :
1) Exercise
2) Writing about anything – a tree, a child’s excitement, cooking, or just what the sky looks like at a certain moment;
3) Reading for pleasure – not online but to sit and just enjoy a nonsensical book, a romance or just any book that used to be interesting;

But then this morning, I had an epiphany!

It’s time to be creative – for me, me and me!
It's time to have quality time with myself!

In making ends meet, I overlooked that I have to tend to myself; otherwise, I might just be this grumpy, bitter, BLAH person directing everyone’s life!

So this morning after I walked my 8yo to school ( all bundled up in layers!), I went down to my basement and did a 45 minute yoga-cardio. I just finished and it actually felt good my creative thinking cap is working again!

I think for next Tuesday, I’ll sign-up for that $15 90 minute yoga in this new place in our town by the river – My friend is trying it out today and I think next week, I’ll splurge and give myself a nice treat!

I think I can see a smile sneaking in already 

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  1. what a great post. I just gave you an award. Head over to my blog and pick it up.

  2. Welcome back Honey. I am so glad to read this blog. Yoga is a wonderful choice. Love you, Mom

  3. Good for you for taking time for yourself.
    Hope you are having a happy Christmas season.

  4. You definitely need time for yourself. It does help you feel better. -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club

  5. I have a feeling that you are going to feel so much better!

  6. I know you will feel better soon!

  7. You definitely need time for yourself. It does help you feel better. -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club

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