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A gorgeous day

You get up in the morning and you don’t know what’s up ahead, As you roll over, you get a glimpse of the love of your life. Your heart is tickled and a your lips separate into a smile; As you walk down to the kitchen to start the morning rush, Your son greets you “good morning, mom” and says “I love you” with a hug. Your heart is tickled and your lips separate into a smile; As you get the kids out the door and wish them “Have a good day”, my child, They all waved their “see-you-laters” because good-byes are not allowed. Your heart is tickled and your lips separate into a smile; As you’re left with the dirty dishes, messy beds and laundry to do, Your husband laughs at the question you posed, and the way you said it, too. Your heart is tickled and your lips separate into a smile; Smile, laughters and lots of love – a great way to start a gorgeous day! ------ Artwork my Mikey (age 7), 1998 Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduct

The Tree

The Tree by Jonathon (age 11, 2007) The tree was the greatest tree. During its life it sprouted grew lived was loved. However, fell and died one day. No one could ever forget about that tree. I never will. I will never forget about that tree that sprouted grew lived was loved. Nevertheless, fell and died one day. I will never forget...ever. ----- The poem is dedicated entirely to my cousin, Trixie, the tree, who on December 10, 2006 passed away. Trixie, if there is a heaven...I am sure you have found your way. Artwork by Mikey age 7, 1998 Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

I am ...

I am caring and friendly. I wonder why the sky is blue. I hear the wonderful sound of my mother’s voice. I see clouds that look like people I know. I want no other mom. I am caring and friendly. I pretend to fly. I feel happy when I see you. I touch the stars when I think of you. I worry when you are very sick. I am caring and friendly. I understand that you can’t promise everthing. I say I love you. I dream that we won a million dollars. I try not to fight with my brother. I hope for our family to get back together. I am caring and friendly. ------ By Nicole (age 10) , May 2000 Artwork by Nicole (1998) Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

My Dad..In every Dad, there is a Mom.

There is no way anyone could possibly fully describe a father, But I’ll take a crack at it. A dad is a guardian type person. Dads check up on you while you are in bed sleeping. Dads give you a kiss on the forehead even if you are sleeping just to make sure you know he loves you. Dads can be friends to you, They will always comfort you when you come home crying from school because someone picked on you. Dads play with you; they are your best friends. Dads are sympathetic, when you are sad they make you happy. When you are bored, they play with you. When you make a mistake they will work it out with you. There simply are no words to describe the role and importance of a dad. NO dictionary will tell you the real meaning of the word, DAD This paragraph barely scratches the surface of the word. However, one strong word could summarize a dad, LOVE. This power exceeds any other, This bond is unbreakable, NO tragedy can move it, NO earthquake waver it. It is the strongest

Joshizms - the universe according to a "new" 8-year old!

I. On adults kissing on TV Dad and Josh are watching TV. And a commercial appeared on TV. Josh: “ Dad, why do people kiss naked while in bed? “ Dad: “Huh??” Josh: “Dad’s gross!” II. On PDA End of day, usual PDA in our household. I’m making dinner and honey comes along to give me a tight big hug. Josh: “Watch-out people, there’s a child in the room!” III. Mom, are you working today? Josh asked, “Mom, are you working today?” Mom replied, “Why are you asking?” Josh: “Mom, you work everyday!” Mom, “What kind of work do you think I do every day?” Josh: “Mom, you’re job is to worry!” IV. Go ask Daddy Josh: “Mom, can I sleep over Gavin’s house?” Mom: “I don’t think so.” Josh: “Why?” Mom: “Go ask your Dad.” ( My way of getting out of a possible long conversation) Josh: “Mom, you always say that – Go ask your Craig(Dad). But then Dad always says – Go ask Mommy. I think you’re just trying to make me dizzy!” ---------------- Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unautho

“Mom, is heaven safe? I am scared of dying”

Dec 10, 2006 – that’s when my youngest experienced someone he knew and loved died. I remember him asking, “Mom, can I go and visit heaven just to see if Trixie’s okay?” He was just barely 6 years old. And then a few days ago, he asked me, “Mom, is heaven safe? I am scared of dying.” How do you explain such sorrow. How do you ease his pain and fear? Ten years ago, when my aunt passed away, my husband wrote the a note because I was crying so much. “For Mommy : Why do people cry when people die Because they have tears in their eye. Because together they can never again look at the sky. Because they will not go to McDonalds and eat pie or French fries. Because they didn’t get to say good-bye. And they will never again hear the sigh. OR ( in an attempt to make me laugh) They can never go to the store to buy the tie Or tell them to close their fly. ------- I didn’t immediately realize that children are heavily affected by a death of a loved one. They may not show the pain a

No conversation left unexploited!

It’s almost a month since I’ve started writing (or blogging) I call it more like “venting” in ink, well more of input-output keystroke combinations. A few weeks ago, I was telling my husband that I’m spending all these time writing. Am I just wasting time? What if no one reads it? Why won’t the kids read them? The super optimist said, “Of course there is! You’re making a difference!” I guess I’m making at least one person happy – myself! I’ve never felt more creative. I’m tired but I’m happy. It feels like I’ve awaken a sleeping dragon! The past month, all of a sudden my mind has not stopped sending these picture images that gave me material for my writing. Whether I'm walking into the woods with my husband, or in the train for a NYC go-see with my 7-year old, or washing the dishes, filling-in the FAFSA applications for my two college kids, or sending out press releases for my 13-year old's piano studio, or taking a shower and yes, while I'm typing

My Oscar Moment

(I'm not a perfect mom. I mess-up here and there but I can honestly say that I do try to be the best!) Feb 20, 2009, however, is one of my OSCAR moment! It’s always a crazy day in our household – that means you can’t really plan on sticking to a schedule because stuff that you didn’t plan always manages to sneak into your calendar! My 13-year old woke up with a severe headache and he really wants to see a doctor. ( He was congested over the weekend). Our pediatrician has walk-in hours till 9am. So I was crazily rushing the two boys to be out of the house by 8:20am. I dropped-off my almost 8-year old to school. With his heavy backpack and thick winter jacket, he walked to the school entrance. My 13-year old then commented on how cute his little brother is! ( They do fight here and there!) While waiting in the pediatrician’s office, one of the fathers noticed my mini-laptop. He then started a conversation with my 13 year old. A few minutes into the conversation, M

I am, I feel, I'm tired

I’m grouchy I feel like I’m ugly. I’m swollen I feel like I’m chunky. I’m testy I feel like crying I’m happy I feel like dancing. I’m tired I feel like sleeping. I’m cranky I feel like shouting. I know this is temporary It’s all hormones that’s driving me crazy. Men luckily don’t have to suffer They just had to listen to us women utter.. “ I am…. I feel…I'm tired” ----------------- It’s that time of the month when no matter how much “fighting spirit” you have in you, you still cave in to the moodiness, “glutton” and the “blah” of your body. And as you hit the age of 40 something, it is even more difficult to control these body-chemical changes. Even though we feel like we should just lay in bed and hug our blankets, we still manage to make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, tidy-up the house, go over the mail, pick-up the kids from school, drive them to a play date, birthday party or taekwon-do, make dinner, and then get them ready for bed. If guys were

Happy Birthday, Mr. Magoo!

Surprise! Surprise! A mom again at 37. Mommy outfits and baby onesies Donated, given-away A month before you came along; Excited, baffled Happy and unsure: Siblings confused Grandma’s beaming with joy. Bed-ridden in 3 Swollen and huge; Couldn’t walk with no pain Chocolate couldn’t stand. Night specials with Dad Vanilla ice cream and apple pie; Blue prints for a new addition, Foundation dug, you came out. Counting 1, 3, and 5; Making peach crumb pie. In and out, breathing loud Time to go, you’re coming out. April, the doctor thought; February you were out. Pressure was way down Scared…everyone’s fingers crossed. You cried, you smiled To the bubble you went. I missed you for 3 days; Finally home sweet home Arts and crafts and painting. Cooking, frogs and field trips. Auditions, allergies and soccer games Gymnastics, Wii Fit and itunes. Today’s your birthday, my dear; You brought joy, laughters and happy tears; Running to and from school;


Do you want to read what I just wrote? My husband said, “every word!” I write poetry it seems like it I express myself in poems rather than essay form. But I do write essays – sentences long, Poetry’s more artistic and sounds like music. Essay requires a certain discipline, Subjects, verbs, predicates and those things All arranged the way my English teacher taught me Constrained by the conventions of English 101 rules. I love writing poems, I think in jpeg forms; Words - English, Filipino or “ewok”, Not in my mind at all. Pictures, colors and art, Occupies every space in my mind; My hands type and put together the words, My heart projects the vision in my mind. Every color, every angle Every sound, every tune; It’s not a sentence or a paragraph But music, prose and poem. ------- Artwork by Josh (2007) Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

I'm scared...

You couldn’t wait to be on your own You were eager to show them all You dream far and wide You were ready to conquer the world. You started with I can do it! You were gung-ho at acing it. You began with high energy You were ready to conquer the world. You sent in your applications, You received accommodations; You were psyched with the scholarships You were ready to conquer the world. You composed your music You recorded the arrangements; You were performing to your audience, You were ready to conquer the world. And then one day you just stopped, You were bewildered and were shocked You thought you were ready to conquer the world You paused and uttered , “ I am scared”. Dad, you and I sat together We talked, we listened, we cared. Don’t worry we all agreed We will solve this hand and hand. ----- Photograph by Jen2 (2009) Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

Sunset, a beginning

As the day ends The night comes; As sorrow breaks your heart Hope will lift your spirit; Sunset is lovely Brings end to a day But a hope of a new beginning Is just seconds away; It’s tough when kids are lost Not knowing what direction to take; Tougher for a mother to see That the future for the moment is dim. You’re still young and full of energy My child, we’ll get past this tragedy. Tough love, guidance and wisdom Someday you will understand. Chances, choices, opportunities We’ll face together for you to see There’s a bright future waiting For you to discover and “BE”.

Daddy, you sometimes make things....

Josh is starting to do a walk- over in gymnastics . Josh was showing it to his Dad. So Dad, a gymnast himself, explains “ Before kicking your legs over, you need to lock your knees So it pushes your body towards your head and moves Your center of gravity over your hands and then kick over.” Josh looks up to his Dad and says, “Daddy sometimes you make things sound very complicated”. Dad laughing, replied, “ You don’t know what locking your legs mean?” Josh nodding his head, says, “Of course I know what locking your knees mean. But I have no idea what center of gravity is” Visit Josh at Joshizms : the universe according to an 8-year old ------------- Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited


Heroes by Nicole (age 10) 03.29.99 My hero is my mom; She is my hero because she’s kind, very thoughtful and a hardworker; And she always perseveres. One example of her being kind is that she is always nice to everyone. She’s never rude to others. She is very thoughtful because she doesn’t just think of herself, She thinks of other people, too. Some of these people are her friends and family. She is a hardworker because she always tries to do her best at every thing. She always perseveres because she never gives up, Even if it’s a difficult task. That’s my hero. -------------------- I save my kids notes and artwork. Most of them got lost or damaged. With a binder and plastic inserts, I treasure my Crumbcatchers' love-notes to me. Now, I can pick one a day and post it together with their artwork. It helps me remember how they were as my little angels and when I'm totally feeling down for whatever reason, these love-notes never fail to cheer me up! ----

A letter from a son, A mother's reply

Dear Mom, You are the greatest mother ever! You gave me life, You gave me hope, And someone that could help me. TO me you are my life, as well as love. You are the greatest of all mothers, And the symbol of love and happiness for me. Sure I care about other people, but you are number one. I know that you are my life and my world. You are a blessing that speaks to me, And gives me something to live and believe in. Thank you for the love you have given me. Love, Jonathon (age 8) April 30, 2004 Artwork by Nicole, 1999 -------------------------- My son, Five years have passed since you wrote that note, Read it once, twice, a thousand times Still tickles my heart and makes me smile. You are now 13 and you’ve grown quite bit, Almost tall as me, but your heart’s so big. Though there were few times we do disagree, There’s always a kiss and a hug waiting for me. Strangers are amazed on how well you speak Not just the issues that they agr

Seventeen, a tough year!

A lot has happened between me and my son; We learned a lot about each other the past year. We argued, We fought, We yelled but We made peace towards the end; There were things we don’t agree with; There were feelings said we wish we can take back; There were tears shed that broke both our hearts; But one thing remains – we love each other no matter what. I’m happy for text messaging; We voiced our anger, our sorrow, our love We expressed in capitals and punctuations We screamed as fast as our fingers can type! We’ve been through a lot Separation, death and losses; Hopes, dreams and chances shattered; But one thing remains – we have faith we can move on. Eighteen, he will be in 4 months or so; College is just around the corner, too. Work, friends, school and fun But one thing I hope for both of us – That we share the rest of our lives with love, understanding and a lot of smiley faces =D ---------- Artwork by Mikey. ( My 17-year old was surprised w

My Most Memorable Food Moment

My Mom’s Recipe by Grandma Roz A cup of warm milk and lots of unconditional love INGREDIENTS 1 cup of milk 1 stove 2 chairs Wisdom Lots of love How a cup of warm milk can be my most memorable food moment.. The year is 1961 and I am 19 years old It’s very late and I can’t sleep. I broke up with a fella I had been dating for a long time, and I was heartbroken. I was crying and I suppose my mother heard me. She asked me to join her in the kitchen and proceeded to warm a glass of milk.. When she brought the milk to the table, I asked her why warm milk ( I hated warm milk, and she didn’t like my boyfriend). She said, “ It would warm your soul, and lift your spirits”. We sat together and talked, while I sipped the warm milk. During our late night talk, my mother never mentioned the fact that she didn’t like this fella. She never mentioned that she was happy to know that we were not going to be together anymore. Instead, she just held my hand and let me

A daughter's love.... a mother's affection

Dear Mommy, I love your hugs, I love your kisses, I love your lullabies, I love your sweet good-nights. My dear princess, I love you for your smile; I love your sweet voice; I love when you look into my eyes; I love your curious mind. My heart beats for your laughter, My mind thinks for your understanding, My soul protects your existence, My love for you extends far beyond my own. As we both get older: We’ll look back and remember The silly games we played, The 100th day projects we put together. The movies that made us laugh and cry The shopping trips that broke the bank! As we both get older: We’ll look back and remember The American Idol we voted for, The “girl-talk” we shared together, The prom dresses you tried on, The college applications we stayed all-night for. But for now, I’ll treasure The sweet nothings we share; The tight hugs and soft kisses; The day-to-day exchanges - “ I love you forever and ever” ---------------- Thanks Kathy a


You’ve seen Robin Leach’s “Lifestyles with the Rich and Famous ”; You probably have the latest electronic gadgets; You probably grew up thinking year 2000 will be the Jetson’s era; But have you ever noticed how peaceful an hour walk to the park can be? Have you kicked-off the dried maple leaves that are covering the ground? Have you stopped by the bridge and listen to the ducks quack? Have you marveled at how the branches extend its arms toward the sun? Have you said “I’m lucky” for walking hand-in-hand? Do you smile when a child runs freely in the woods? Do you chuckle when a child laughs hysterically at a box? Do you dance when you hear the birds sing? Do your eyes twinkle when you notice beauty, peace and nature? Look around, you’ll definitely see plenty of simple things That can warm your heart, Put a smile on your face, And make you scream, “Thank you”. ----------- To my husband and kids, family and friends: Happy Valentine's Day

JOSHIZMS - the universe according to a seven-year old

I. On Happy Meal Grandpa took Josh to McDonald’s. Josh flashing his little pearly whites, says: “Grandpa, can you please buy me a Happy Meal? Because my mom wouldn’t buy me a Happy Meal.” Grandpa (confused) asks Joshee: “Why wouldn’t your Mom buy you a Happy Meal? “ Josh in a serious tone: “Oh grandpa, that’s because she does not want me to be happy!” Grandpa LOL! ( laughed out loud) II. On going to jail Grandpa is showing Josh how to drive. Grandpa put Josh on his lap and shows him to to steer the wheel. Josh: “Isn’t it illegal to drive without a license?” Grandpa: “Ah, yeah. If you get caught, you’ll get a ticket and go to jail” Josh, asks his grandpa, with a concerned look in his eyes: “ But grandpa, I don’t want to go to jail.” Grandpa: “Why, are you afraid of going to jail?” Josh: “ I don’t want to go to jail because they don’t make the food that I like.” (PS – Josh only eats chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, apples, bananas and peanut butter and je

Just like the first time - my dear child

I remember the first time I saw the EPT plus sign; I remember the first time I heard your heartbeat; I remember the first time I felt your kick; I remember the first time I realizes that I’m a “mom”! My dear child – before you, it was just “me”; In about seven to nine months, you and I were one; I nourished my body, so that you can be healthy; I listened to “Beethoven”, so that you can be musical; I sang you a song, so that you can hear my voice. And when I heard your first cry, my whole life had a new purpose! I cried when you got sick, I didn’t know what I did wrong. I laughed when you said, “mama”, My heart smiled and grew strong. I recorded every step, I photographed every smile; I wrote down every emotion, I prayed you’ll do fine. I longed for your hugs, I craved for your kisses. I jumped at every stories You eagerly relate with your sweet voice. I cried when you were sad, I was sorry when I got mad. I pushed you to do it all, I know you’ll

Pick Your Battle

Two decades of being a mom, I’ve messed-up quite a few, I’ve learned a lot more, And I’ve managed to live through - hormones, tears and joy! The little cuties love to say, “Yes, but…” The pre-tweens start conversing like aliens; The late teens will drive you insane; The college kids will push their independence. When things don’t seem in order, Your initial reaction is to rattle their senses; To say don’ts here and there; To question the why’s and how come; My husband, my partner, their father, my support – He keeps me in check and taught me a lot; “Pick your battle ” – he always says; It took a while, but it does make sense. Not every single chore’s a fight; Not every little disorderly's an X-mark; Not every request is a negotiation; Not every discussion is a debate; "Pick your battle", does make sense. Compromise, analyze, Guide and understand. Reason, take a stand, Discipline and Encourage. Raising children is a job; It is easier with

Staying fit – how do I start?

Mothers have a hectic schedule – as you all know. However, a mom can still take 30-45 minutes a day of “me-time” to stay fit. The number one obstacle in starting to get fit is “how to be motivated”. There are a few things that I do or ask myself: 1) Take a “before” picture. Do you like what you see? 2) Do you feel like you don’t have energy during the day? 3) Do you feel depressed or just “blah” ? 4) Does you hubby still grope you? 5) Do you like how your clothes fit? If your answers are not what you want to look or feel like, then it’s time to take some action! And don’t feel bad when you also want to look great and not just work out for “health” reasons! Most mothers and women join gymns together. There are those who sign-up to “fun run”, walk-for-different causes, triathlon, and marathon. Sometimes all you need is a little push to start working out. Here are some links to different marathons in NY/NJ. Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run/Walk Avon Walk for

Mitch Albom's "for one more day"

If you can go back in the past, even for just one more day, would you go back? Mitch Albom’s “for one more day” illustrates the power of a mother’s love – and make you believe in it! A must read! Check it out at , Barnes and Noble or at your local public library.

10 Things I love about you, Mom

Mom, you are special to me – Because you take care of me. Because you are there when I need you. Because you let me go on the computer Because you help with homework Because you play with me Because you bring me to school Because you let me play with my friends Because you bring me to the pool Because you bring me to the beach Because you love me ---------- Artwork by Nicole (2006) Written by Mikey (age 8, 1999) Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

love notes from my children

I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner. However, I wish it’s mother’s day already! I love Mother’s Day. Although I get notes from my children from time to time, Mother's day love letters are my favorite! I enjoy reading their love notes from when they're little. Have you been collecting your child’s love letters to you? How about some special text messages? Do you keep them in a box? Tip: Buy a binder and plastic inserts and voila! You have a quick scrap book of your kids’ poems, artwork and letters! Whenever I feel sad about something; Whenever I feel like my babies have grown so fast; I grab those binders and browse through their love notes. ------- Here's one written by my Nicole (age 9, 1998) M akes me feel special; O pens heart to others; T hinks of other people; H elps people; E ver so special; R adiant is the word for you! Dear Mom, I love you so much. You mean so much to me. Sometimes I get mad at you, but then I fo

What is a "mom"?

Webster defines a mom as “a female parent, woman in authority or someone who cares for or protects like a mother ”. But what really is a mom? She’s someone who gives birth to a child: or someone who adopts a child. She’s an aunt who holds her nieces and nephew’s hand; An aunt who wipes their tears, Praises their accomplishments, Lifts their spirits when they’re feeling low, And laughs with them when they’re happy. She’s a grandma who says – “Honey, you did a great job!” “Honey, don’t worry, everything will work out just fine!” “I am here for you!” She’s a grandma who will bravely drive from parkway exit 88 to exit 136 – just to watch a grandson’s concert! She’s a teacher, a mentor, a friend’s mom Who’s always there to guide, listen and teach. She’s someone who’s a soothing, comforting and safe person who loves a child like their own, no matter what; A mom is someone special who - have held a child’s hand; have touched a child’s heart. have opened their


So when do you think about your kids’ college education? I guess the moment they’re born! So when does your child seriously think about the college application process? Some start in the 2nd year in High School. Some start in their junior year. Some start as early as middle school. The first time you go through the college application process with your child is one the most exciting and nerve-racking experience! Wait till you actually send your kid away to college – a new spectrum of emotions! The second time you go through it, You’ve learned more about the process. Some kids know exactly where they want to go; Some kids know exactly what to major in; And there are a lot of the kids who wouldn’t know for sure – until they’re in college! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the unemployment rate for January 2009 is 7.6% . However, workers with the college education the rate is more or less 3.5%. Although, those who are graduating from college this year , unem

FRIENDS – moms and friendship

You meet friends growing up; And when they stay with you when you’re older - That’s priceless! Children give joy to their mothers; Crumbcatchers expand mom’s social network. Making friends with your child’s friends’ moms - A gift a child unknowingly gives his/her mom. We wave hello, We chat online, We sip a cup of tea together, We comment on each other’s FB status. People say, “Children are our future” But it is only true because “mothers raise their children well.” Our friendship grows as our child grows, Will it last, I wouldn't know. I live in a town where moms get along- It may not be every single time, But I can say most of the time. And we all have a common goal – and that is to smile. It took over a decade for me to build such friendships, But it doesn’t matter if it took that long. If it doesn’t last, it is alright, too; Because I was able to laugh and cry . To all my Cranford friends – thank you for being there! Or is it thank you for b

Family Time

Day-to-day can be hectic- School, gymnastics, Piano, TaeKwon-do, Homework, sports Playdates, and auditions, too! Facebook, bills, housekeeping, And laundry that never ends; Paperwork and school notices Before you know it – its time to cook again! Dinner time is a must; Time to eat and discuss; Hopefully nothing stressful; Hopefully just about anything. A walk with your husband, Catch-up conversations with your college daughter, Quick “how are you’s” with your 17-year old; Breakfast dates with your 13-year old; “Connect Four” with your 7 year-old Seems like the day is too short And yet you’re body’s screaming “Time for bed and get some zzzzzzs”. Hello’s and good-nites” – a must in our house. “Mom, I’m home”, A quick text message, A short post-it note on my wall, I’ll take any – just for me to know where my babies are. Everyone grows fast Time slips by quicker than you know; Spontaneous family time Is good enough to put into my “family memory ba

I love you no matter what

I felt you moved, I felt you kicked, I felt you growing inside of me. My gift to you will always be – “I love you no matter what ” I heard your first cry, I saw your first smile; I felt your soft hands on my cheeks; My gift to you will always be – “I love you no matter what” You said , “Mama”; You uttered, “Dada”; You touched my heart with “wuv you”; My gift to you will always be – “I love you no matter what ” You didn’t like my rules; You didn’t like your chores; You didn’t like your curfew; My gift to you will always be – “I love you no matter what” You “text” me when you’re happy; You “text” me when you’re mad; You “text” me when you’re sorry; My gift to you will always be – “I love you no matter what” And then one day You held my hand; You gave me a hug; You kissed and said, " Mom, I love you more than anyone!"

Stay fit - at home or at the gym!

Working out is good for you! I know it’s tough to set aside 30, 60 or 90 minutes a day just to work out. ( Just log-off from FB for an hour) However, research shows that working out are usually good for your mental health. The older we get, the more we need to be more active. (Although, with how much hours the kids spend online, kids have to be active, too!) Just google, benefits of working out , and you’ll see pages and pages of information. Aside from having a toned and trim body (my goal in 5 years when I turn 50!!), exercise can be fun! ( Just watch your face crumple up when you’re lifting those heavy 5lb weights!) In order to start being fit - you'll need a fit-motivator ! Once you've recruited one, you're now one step ahead. So go to the gym, or head to your living room or basement! 1) Put on a DVD, or go to Comcast OnDemand (Verizon customers I’m sure you have free Fitness programs, too) 2) Remember to do stretch exercises first! 3) Start

Are you proud of me?

A question we asked our mothers. A question our little kids inquire with their curious mind; A question I thought I won’t hear from an older child with longing eyes; A question that can only be answered by “yes!” On rare occasions when the kids do something not right ; In anger we say, “I’m very disappointed in you !” We have to try to change it to say – “I’m very disappointed in what you’ve done ! I love you, and (not BUT) you are way better than that!” As a mom, we often forget that no matter how old our children get to be; They always hope that we are proud of them. So don’t forget to give them a hug and a quick smile and say, “Yes, of course, my child!” -------------------- Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited


As a kid, I never understood why you did what you did; But now that I’m a mom, I’m sorry if I even argued one bit. I laugh when kids say, “when I become a Dad/Mom – my kids will never have rules!” I laugh when kids say, “it’s insane to say that you can’t sleep unless I’m actually home!” I laugh when kids say, “that was generations ago. It’s a different era now.” And I laugh because I think I used to say that, too. Now that you’re thousands of miles away; I wish we had more tea time together. I miss your cooking. I miss your gardening. I miss your voice. I miss you. Hope to see you soon - this one's for you ! ------------- Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

Swifter - an OCD's best buddy

Winter hits me with major OCD attacks. With all the snow, salt and dust from heating vents, I’m always surrounded by my worst enemies – mess and dirt! After the early morning school drop-off rush, when I glance at my living room, (with sunlight coming through the windows and glass door), the salt, white mud and winter boots present a major torture to my OCD heart. You should see how I struggle to move my feet away from the “mess” but those same feet will run down the basement to get the Swifter Sweeper with Wet mopping cloths and commission my hands to grab the Swifter duster! Thanks to Costco, I can buy them in bulk! I didn't realize my seven year old was reading what I’m typing and asked me , “Mom, what’s OCD?” So I said “ Little guy, it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s like when someone feels the urge to make everything organized, tidy, and spends so much time putting away stuff….things like that AND gets totally worried and rattled if those things are n

Stephen King vs Stephenie Meyer

As a mom, I mostly read what my kids read. From the “Magic School House ” series to “ Lonely Bones” ; I read the entire Harry Potter books and almost done with the last Twilight saga, "breaking dawn". I must say that I’m a J.K. Rowling fan. I read all 7 books with enthusiasm (except for the 2nd book, “The Chamber of Secrets”). I reserved the books in Barnes and Noble and even did the midnight pick-up! A friend introduced me to the Twilight series and I got totally hooked. I had to stay-up late just to read as much pages as I can (except for the 2nd book, “New Moon”). Hhmmm…what’s with 2nd books anyway? Between Facebook and reading the Twilight books, I felt like I was a teen again. I was glad that Stephenie Meyer (SM) wrote it the way she did. Reading “Twilight” revived my love for reading. It's not the same vampires as Anne Rice's. But you can call my husband, while reading the Twilight books, I sometimes looked at my hubby with such twinkle in my eyes that he

But Mom...

“BUT Mom,” - the two words that usually precede my crumbcatcher’s arguments. As a teen, I tried to use those words - but growing up in a strict Filipino household, “BUT” alone is not acceptable! From the youngest to the oldest --- you’ll hear these words in your kid’s negotiation tactics. “BUT Mom, none of my friends have to go home at 10pm!” “BUT Mom, all of my friends watch Friends” “BUT Mom, all of my friends watch Family Guy" “BUT Mom, none of my friends have to do any chores!” And like our moms did when we were younger, we respond to our kids: “Sorry kiddo, but your friends are NOT my kids!” --------------- Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited


A few months ago, my teens are the only ones glued-in to facebook, Now it seems like the entire Hillside suburbia is in online! My husband laughs at my new obsession – believe me, I can be totally OCD once I put my mind and heart into something. And now, even Howard Stern and the gang are talking about their new found obsession with Face Book! My husband thinks, “FB hits critical mass!” I signed-up years ago when my daughter went away to college. ( I guess a way on keeping in touch with her – but if you ask her, she'd say it’s my way of “spying”on her, hahaha!) Back then, it wasn’t really for me. She was my only friend. My 17-year old son refuses to add me as a friend. So one day I asked him why and he said, “You’re my mom, not my friend!” November 2008 – the FB-obsession hits my town like a tsunami! All of a sudden, it’s cool to be on it! ( Although, the teens are getting grossed-out of the thought that grown-ups are online! Friendster might regain their popularit