Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A few months ago, my teens are the only ones glued-in to facebook,
Now it seems like the entire Hillside suburbia is in online!

My husband laughs at my new obsession – believe me,
I can be totally OCD once I put my mind and heart into something.

And now, even Howard Stern and the gang are talking about their new found obsession with Face Book! My husband thinks, “FB hits critical mass!”

I signed-up years ago when my daughter went away to college.
( I guess a way on keeping in touch with her – but if you ask her,
she'd say it’s my way of “spying”on her, hahaha!)
Back then, it wasn’t really for me. She was my only friend.

My 17-year old son refuses to add me as a friend. So one day I asked him why and he said, “You’re my mom, not my friend!”

November 2008 – the FB-obsession hits my town like a tsunami!
All of a sudden, it’s cool to be on it!
( Although, the teens are getting grossed-out of the thought that grown-ups are online! Friendster might regain their popularity with teens!!)

So here are some thoughts…once you’re hooked!

Do I log in? Do I change my status?
OR Do I just check my email notifications?

Do I chat with my friend online? Or just write on her/his wall?
Do I write on a friend’s wall? Or just comment on her/his status?

When you change your status and no one comments? How does that make you feel?
When you a publish a note and tagged a friend, are you ready for the responses?
When you get the “25 Random Things About Me” – Do you then make your own list?

Do I search for a friend online? Do I send her an invite?
Do I add her as my friend? BUT what if she/he does not accept?
Or worst – what if your friend “de-friends” you?

I see FaceBoook as the Of my family and friends
It’s a social network – it’s like hanging out in a bar! ( not that I would really know..)
It’s a newsletter, an e-billboard and a venue for good charitable causes.
You can meet new friends and occasionally you might make new enemies.

You can get hooked, or pretend not be hooked…
Now that I’m hooked, how do I get un-hooked?

Here’s a toast to all my FB friends and families!
See you online!

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